"Aim High" - Sky is the Limit.

                    Image result for The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for!

Every once in a while, we wear a mask to hide our emotions, our faces, our deficiencies. Whilst it may be necessary  to do so under certain circumstances, we tend to overuse our masks. What's really beneath the mask is more important, more vital and more ethical.
For me teaching/training is a very noble profession. As teachers/trainers we are meant to be sincere, compassionate and benevolent. Our worth is more than we realize. The community we have touched may forget the name, but will not forget our face. Let our faces reflect what we are and let us improve this picture by being what we are meant to be - more caring, more involved & more committed. Enjoy your profession. There are no limitations in sharing knowledge with your students/trainees. Be flexible, empathetic and loving towards them. The more you share the more you learn - that's what I believe in. I have never resisted from sharing knowledge while I am with my students/ trainees. I feel more alive in those moments. I love the excitement I have while I am teaching/training.
The reason behind writing this is the concern which I feel towards this community where I witness a general trend that people settle for instant happiness, unsatisfying careers, shallow relationships and short cuts in life. Settling for something worthwhile is all about embracing what is best for you. When you settle for the average, you accept less than what you deserve and less than what you are capable of becoming.
"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for!" remarks Maureen Dowd. The only way to truly embrace your greatness is to stop settling for something mediocre and to aim high. Set big exciting goals in life because the more excited you are about something, the more motivated you will be to push through and accomplish them. You never know what you can accomplish till you try. In the process even if you fail, you are closer to something that is worth living for.
Wouldn't you like to see the best version of yourself come to life? Then, never settle for less! Set your aims always high and you will get great results.
Tap yourselves. Be what you are meant to be. Your profession needs your true face behind the mask.
Be true to yourself in everything you do and everything you are. You can cheat the whole world but not yourself.


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