Strength of a Woman

As a woman of this era I firmly believe that every woman today needs to enlighten her life by education and by being self independent. Self independence will give her the guts to stand on her feet by being financially independent and the courage to face every hurdle that comes her way. Today I see many women who are striving hard to be secure in their lives - either financially, physically or emotionally. The woman today stands unique compared to the woman of the past. Gone are the days when the women used be bound in shackles of family, society & traditions. By this I don't mean that today the woman is not bounded by her family or her traditions; but she has learnt to make herself a priority and has begun living life on her terms where she seeks fulfillment of her existence, her desires, her ambitions and every small thing that she wants. She manages and handles her family with care & dedication and at the same time seeks her own individual freedom. These are all the traits which distinguish her from the woman of the past. Today I see women around me from a maid to a boss in a company playing various roles - a homemaker, a decision maker, a mother, a wife, a daughter and a professional. Every role is fulfilled and balanced as per the time and the occasion. The woman today knows how to manage/handle conflicts and have her own peace of mind. She has emerged as a phenomenal identity who wants to be successful at every front of her life. She is a warrior, a fighter who never lets go easily. A strong support to her family, her friends and her colleagues she knows how to balance life at the personal & professional front. Waking up early in the morning to sleeping at night she is always on her toes doing so many tasks through out the day. But very few of them MAY BE receiving appreciation from people around her for the wonderful work she is doing. Rare are those who get the support of their husbands in their day to day life.  Every woman deserves much more than appreciation & praises for the innumerable things she does. If not every member in the family can at least respect her identity and never let her be lonely. Being isolated from her own family & friends is what shatters her. So respect every woman in your life and shower her with the best things she deserves in her life - be it your mother, daughter, sister or wife. She deserves the genuine & selfless love which she showers on her family without ever getting retired from her family chores. HATS OFF TO EVERY WOMAN OUT THERE. KEEP GOING...KEEP FIGHTING & STAY HAPPY STAY BLESSED ALWAYS. NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY YOUR STRENGTH AND YOUR POWER TO WIN.


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