Silence - Boon/Curse

It is said that "Silence is Golden", but many a times we face such situations when we are shattered and slammed by silence. Due to this many of us are afraid of silence. Silence is irritating at the same time sometimes silence speaks volumes. In some relations silence could be the reason for the balance whereas in some silence causes imbalance. When in silence people think & delve deep into their inner self and understand themselves. I love my periods of silence when I am one with myself - trying to focus on me, my thoughts, my dreams, every cell of my body speaks to me. I can concentrate better after these moments of silence and understand myself better. Silence is soothing and healing to me. There are evenings when I slip into a silent mode and am in union with myself and my books. These moments rejuvenate me and give me ways through which I can focus better and plan for the tasks on hand.
Silence between the best of friends - speaks of their understanding for each other without saying anything. When silence prevails during an argument/quarrel between a couple it lacerates both of them. If one of the partner gets silent or does not bother to answer/reciprocate towards the other partner it is shattering for the other one. Silence in a classroom - aha that's what I prefer when I am teaching in class. But if there is no response from my class it's an irritating silence. Silence on the roads is bliss while driving to college. Silence at night is a boon for those who want no noise while sleeping. But for some it could be fearful.
Thus silence has its own meaning for every individual. It could be bliss, a boon, a rejuvenator also, as well as a curse, a shatter for someone. It's upto you how you interpret and understand it. The amount of silence at the right time speaks volumes about your personality. Silence builds relations and also destroys them. Silence is a music in its own way.


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