Transactional Analysis

         In the early 20th century, Sigmund Freud first established that the human psyche is multifaceted, and that each one of us has warring functions in our subconscious. In the 1950s Eric Berne developed his theory of Transactional Analysis. According to him, verbal communication, particularly face to face, is at the centre of human social relationships and psychoanalysis.
        "You do something to me I do something back" was the starting point of every transaction we have.
          When  2 persons meet each other, one of them will speak to the other. This is the Transaction Stimulus. The other person replies to this is the Transaction Response.
         According to the Transactional Analysis concept each one of us is 3 persons in one body. Eric Berne called it the PAC Model, where P stands for Parent, A for Adult and C for Child. 
         Every human behaves in these 3 different mode. Our brain determines what we think and how we act. It acts as a tape recorder which records all events and the feelings associated with those events.  Our state of mind is always affected while we interact /communicate with others. No matter how old a person is there were 3 states of mind called the ego states in every person.These 3 ego states according to the theory are - Parent ego state, Adult ego state and Child ego state. Transactional Analysis is also a model for understanding why and how people think like they do, people act like they do and how/why people communicate/ interact with others.Image result for images for the pac model transactional analysis
         The parent is the taught concept of life. Adult is the thought concept of life and child is the felt concept of life. What we learn we preach by getting into the parent mode without bothering whether the other person likes it or not/ agrees or disagrees. What we think is also deeply ingrained in our psyche and we object to things that do not match with our thinking. What we feel for a particular person/ incident/ issue is what we experienced at the moment when it occurred in our life. All these things pile up in our mind and keep disturbing our ego states. The moment any of the ego state is disturbed there is deep chaos within a person. This is the root cause of all the problems which we face in our life. We need to understand what ego state we carry while we are interacting with one another to avoid wrong transactions that spoil our relations. 
         Knowledge of Transactional Analysis helps us to understand what sort of body language we need to project during communication and even help us to read the body language of others which will help us in sustaining our relations. It will help us to understand ourselves more by knowing what affects us during tough situations/ people. This is just a short glimpse of Transactional know it in detail you need to have a thorough study of the concept of transactional analysis.  
         This video will give an insight into the concept of Transaction Analysis.


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