My Unexpected Bundle of Joy

I often wonder in tough times on the existence of God - Is God there? Does God care for me? But its only when the going gets tough & I get stronger I realize that the strength to go on comes to me through the grace and blessings of God. We all look around for happiness in a variety of things. Like I derive happiness in reading, taking lectures at college, singing and most of all these in shopping 😇😊. But all that happiness which I gain from shopping is ephemeral whereas the joy and delight I attain from teaching my students and trainees, by being amidst them, by reading, singing and doing the tasks on hand with precision remains eternally with me. It keeps me more focused. Despite of it all, as a human my trust in God & his existence falters. But today I received an unexpected BUNDLE OF LOVE & JOY.
I was waiting for my train on Surat station on the platform. On platform 2 I could see the Double Decker Exp. waiting for departure. And I receive a call. The mobile screen read 'Arundhati Chafekar'. I received the call and Aru's voice ran through my ears like a beautiful melody when she pronounced my name. She is the wife of my childhood classmate from Std. 4th to Std 10th - Chirag Chafekar. Aru is a Corporate Trainer with a flourishing career. Coming back to today's incident, it was a long time since we talked last. Around 3 years or - I don't remember it exactly. Aru was travelling to Mumbai in the Double Decker and on seeing me on the platform she immediately called me. This small gesture of Aru left me overwhelmed with joy. I was so happy to hear from her.

                                              Chirag Chafekar & Arundhati Chafekar

This incident kindled my belief in the existence of God. Often we distrust God and doubt his intentions. But he is always there holding us in his arms and protecting us from every danger of both body & soul. Providing us with unexpected bundles of joy & love through invisible ways through various situations, people and friends like Aru. This is something which I do when I see someone I know but it was the first time when God made me witness this joy. Aru's call filled me with joy that I could not resist myself from penning down the emotions which I feel now while I am in the train. I am smiling since I disconnected Aru's call. People around me must be thinking that I have gone insane. Yes, I am insane because of this small gesture which has left me smiling. Insane as I feel God's strong presence in my life for giving me this moment. I feel that I and Aru are alike as I do the same with my acquaintances whenever I accidentally happen to see them somewhere. The difference lies in the fact that today I am the one who is experiencing it and I thank Aru for this. Thank you Aru - Stay Happy Stay Blessed dear.
You made my journey to Baroda a memorable one. I will always cherish our small conversation forever. I am all smiles and the passengers around are amused at my insanity.😇😇 Love you Aru.


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