Power of Positive Words

It is impossible for humans to live without language/words. Words are an important part and parcel of our life, our personality, our dreams & everything about us. There is no communication possible without words. The point is how mindful are we about the words we use. We never even bother what effect our words have on our life and our progress. Every word we think/speak rings a bell into our whole system. The whole system gets affected by the positive/negative impact of that particular word. For instance, we all know that happiness & sadness, pain & pleasure are the two sides of the same coin. But the impact these emotions create in our system is unbelievable. In situations of joy the whole body stands in resonance to our whole neurological system & lets out positivity. Whereas in negative situations we emit negativity - which is disastrous for us as well as for those who are around us. A negative 'chemical locha' occurs in our whole system which upsets every organ. The same applies for words which we speak/think/ believe about our self. Negative beliefs/thoughts/words make our life negative. To eliminate our life from such negativity it is essential we always replace a negative word/thought/belief of ours and convert it into a positive one.
For eg. Rather than saying "I don't know how to do this" . In such situations always say "I can/will learn this".
Using this kind of diction you prompt your brain to work/act differently. Every word that you use seeps inside your system and creates a resonance into your system; thus changing certain aspects of your behaviour & thought process. The same rule is applied in NLP to change our negative words/thoughts/beliefs about ourself which are impediments to our success/growth. The negative words harm you first and then others. Use alternatives like the above mentioned example to change your words/thoughts/beliefs about yourself.
To avoid using these negative words begin by making a checklist of all words which you use on a daily basis. Find words that have no role to play in your journey to success. Secondly find out the synonyms of those words. Pick up the simplest yet not used commonly word & start using this word. You will observe a great difference in your life by just switching over to the affirmative language rather than putting yourself into mental stress & disorder due to the negative language.


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