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                                                                    My Virtue Box Virtue  is the ethical excellence of a person. A morally notable man or woman has a character built of virtues valued as appropriate. He or she is honest, respectful, courageous, forgiving, and kind, as an example. Due to these positive virtues, he or she is devoted to doing the proper thing irrespective of what the personal cost, and does no longer bend to impulses, urges or dreams, but acts in line with values and ideas. Some would possibly say that correct qualities are innate and evolved through proper parenting, which they're, but we’re no longer perfect. Virtues need to be cultivated to make them prevalent and routine in every day existence. With the addiction of being greater virtuous, we take the helm of our personal lifestyles, redirecting its route nearer to extra success, peace and joy. Why practice Virtues? Virtues are generic and identified by way of all cultures as basic qualitie

Soul Scars

      There are incidences that wound a person very deeply and can never be healed by traumatic incident handling alone. Such incidences come with great emotional pain and become scars on our souls. They may be personal or professional scars, for example personal and professional betrayals, unexpected attacks from someone you trusted, cruelty and violence which shake our confidence and make us incapable to carry on with our own life. These factors cause scars on our soul and damage us directly.        I have understood one thing from this journey of life that what you throw at the universe, returns back to you - a reality which all know and believe in. When you beam with positive thoughts, things turn out to be positive; when you are negative, things turns out to be negative. Whenever there is anything inconsistent that happens around us due to our creation of thoughts - we have a scar - a psychic wound - because it is something which has traumatized our being to its deepest core.

My Perception of a Teacher.

Teaching is a noble profession because it shapes the character, caliber and future of an individual. But today when I look around I find students who are afraid of their teachers. Afraid to raise questions, afraid to put forward their doubts & dilemmas, afraid to be in the class. The youth today is that breed of intelligence who is tech savvy, is updated about the latest changes on a daily basis but among these you will find students/children who are highly demotivated, depressed, lacking in confidence, anxious and are in a state of trauma. The youth today faces lot of competition and is always bogged down with the pressure from their families, their own expectations and immense peer pressure. Thanks to our society that sets the norms for being a topper, a ranker and keeps the students in an incessant rat race with their dreams & aspirations, full of anxiety, unable to overcome their shortcomings and full of frustration at times. It is the moral responsibility of that perso

The Parable of the Pencil

As children we used a pencil for writing and drawing, but today with reference to the  story of the pencil maker, here I am sharing my views with you all about a pencil. The pencil maker advised the pencil 1. You will be able to do great things BUT only if you allow yourself to be held in someone's hand. Similarly we as humans can do great things if we abide to the laws of God. Trust in God despite of whatsoever is going on in your life. Have faith in God because he will never let you down. Sooner or later he will lead you to your dreams and help you achieve them. Never lose faith in God, the Almighty. Be accessible to all around you and let others have a share to use the gifts that you possess. If you possess knowledge related to your forte share it and it multiplies abundantly passing from person to person. This way you too will be able to enhance your knowledge and sharpen your skills. We all need to sharpen our skills time and again to sustain in this transitioning world.

Golden Nuggets

Wishing all my friends and followers a very Happy New Year 2018. New Year is about making a change in ourself and striving to achieve something that we yearn for. We all make new year resolutions but fail to fulfill them. Presenting before you a list of golden nuggets for the new year:- 1. Believe in yourself - in your vision and your dreams when no one else does. Remember its only YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to boost your self confidence. 2. Begin the day with 20 minutes of EXERCISE. 3. Be the KINDEST person as the world is full of toxicity. 4. Unless you make your VISION your obsession - your MISSION will never grow into a movement. 5. Delete the news from your day and stop watching TV to increase your PRODUCTIVITY. Rather invest your time and resources towards your personal and professional growth. As you master your craft, you will be indispensable to your organization and society. 6. Be a rare air PERFORMER who takes up the project no one else will pick. Go to the fiery edges of