Golden Nuggets

Wishing all my friends and followers a very Happy New Year 2018. New Year is about making a change in ourself and striving to achieve something that we yearn for. We all make new year resolutions but fail to fulfill them. Presenting before you a list of golden nuggets for the new year:-
1. Believe in yourself - in your vision and your dreams when no one else does. Remember its only YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to boost your self confidence.
2. Begin the day with 20 minutes of EXERCISE.
3. Be the KINDEST person as the world is full of toxicity.
4. Unless you make your VISION your obsession - your MISSION will never grow into a movement.
5. Delete the news from your day and stop watching TV to increase your PRODUCTIVITY. Rather invest your time and resources towards your personal and professional growth. As you master your craft, you will be indispensable to your organization and society.
6. Be a rare air PERFORMER who takes up the project no one else will pick. Go to the fiery edges of your limits and expand them. Remember: Greatness lies outside your safe harbor of the known.
7. Eat RIGHT - because your nutrition affects your mood and productivity. Always eat like an ELITE ATHLETE. This year calibrate your eating plan.
8. Spend at least 1 hour daily without any stimulation - NO PHONE + NO PEOPLE + NO SOCIAL. Know, grow and love yourself.
9. EXCLUDE the dream destroyers and energy vampires from your life. They suck away the genius in you.
10. LET GO  off the past as it is a dusty history and pollutes your future. Everything happens for a reason, so let it go and concentrate on the present.
11. HARD WORK beats talent - know this and trust it.
12. SMILE often.
13. Make a collage with images of the IDEAL LIFE you desire - focus on it daily and get inspired.
14. Make it a daily ritual to READ for 60 mins - remember losers/victims have large TVs but small libraries.
15. Average people love gossip; on the other hand  exceptional people love IDEAS. So stop gossiping, condemning and complaining this year. It drains your cognitive bandwidth and fills you with dangerous emotions.
16. Don't ever just parent your child - DEVELOP it. Help your child to grow his/her perspective, feel the curiosity of things around and introduce it to the most inspirational thing in the world.
17. Remember - Leaders are inspired and grow by CHANGE whereas victims are afraid of change.
18. WALK in nature everyday. It helps you to clear your mind, boost your fitness and feeds your spirit. To stay at your best go into the wilderness regularly.
19. FORGIVE the unforgivable. What they did to you was right based on their level of consciousness in that moment of their personal journey.
20. EMBRACE every eccentricity of yours because everyone appears normal until you get to know them.
21. DO that which makes you uncomfortable at least once in 7 days.
22. Use SORRY, PLEASE and THANK YOU as often as you can and whenever required.
23. DRINK more water and have more REST in 2018.
24. ASPIRE to achieve 3 goals daily. In a year this habit of yours would produce 1095 little goals.
25. Be fast to AFFIRM the gifts, talents and worth of people. Be slow to criticize people.
26. The first 90 minutes of your days must focus on value creating tasks only - not on checking mails / internet surfing.
27. You are trading your credibility when you promise to do something. Every time you fail; you diminish it each time. So learn to KEEP YOUR PROMISES.
28. Leaders fulfill their GOALS with elegance, brilliance and finesse whereas ordinary people simply talk about goals. 
29. Learn to MEDITATE in 2018 and practice it daily without fail.
30. REMEMBER - every person has a story to tell, a lesson to teach and a dream to be fulfilled.
31. You empower what you complain about. TRAVEL often - it is a bliss and a fantastic education.
32. KNOW your values - have the guts to live them - without bothering what the crowd thinks and how the herd lives.
33. Be the FITTEST and the STRONGEST person you know. By being fittest you multiply your vitality and thus increase your creativity, productivity & prosperity exponentially. By being strongest you learn to battle proof and fortify your inner core in order to be victorious. Remember VICTORY is an inside job.
34. Along with building a successful and ideal care, work to build a STRONG FAMILY foundation.
35. CEASE being selfish. It will add to more joy and peace in your life.
36. The QUALITY of your friends will predict the size of your FORTUNE. Fortune = everything from creative to economic to spiritual fortunes.
37. Go to meet your PARENTS often because you will tremendously miss them when they are gone.
38. Be a PURIST - just a few books but great books. Have 5 true friends versus 5000 fake ones. Aim for a simpler, quieter life with more beauty. Aim to achieve a GREATER meaning.
39. Know that by being the rarest among the BEST is not easy. Anything extra ordinary demands rigor,sacrifice and extreme courage.
40. Remember - life is too short to play small with your gifts. Commit to your best life today on wards. BELIEVE IN YOUR POWER AND HONOR YOUR STRENGTHS.


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