Soul Scars

      There are incidences that wound a person very deeply and can never be healed by traumatic incident handling alone. Such incidences come with great emotional pain and become scars on our souls. They may be personal or professional scars, for example personal and professional betrayals, unexpected attacks from someone you trusted, cruelty and violence which shake our confidence and make us incapable to carry on with our own life. These factors cause scars on our soul and damage us directly.
       I have understood one thing from this journey of life that what you throw at the universe, returns back to you - a reality which all know and believe in. When you beam with positive thoughts, things turn out to be positive; when you are negative, things turns out to be negative. Whenever there is anything inconsistent that happens around us due to our creation of thoughts - we have a scar - a psychic wound - because it is something which has traumatized our being to its deepest core.
For example 2 friends who are deeply connected since years and see each other as an epitome of friendship, loyalty and trust. And one fine day, one of the friend X betrays the other friend  Y by leaking out something personal and confidential. The first reaction of the friend X who has been cheated is shock, then she gets emotional and finally digests this wound of betrayal. She is always on the go to find out where did she lack. She blames herself for trusting, confiding into the other friend Y. She becomes incapable to create herself as a friend who is loving and who can trust again.  This image is devastated and crushed by her own beliefs. It leaves a permanent scar on her soul which warps her creations and perceptions henceforth. Like all human beings we eternally create our creations in our mind, like the friend X who tries it too but is unsuccessful as within all subsequent creations is the scar of betrayal within her. Her dynamic is no longer pure as it is a wounded one and continues to do the damage that the wound of betrayal has done to her. The universe mirrors this agony of the soul within and no creation of the friend X falls in place. Now she continues to find a source whom she can blame with as this is not something she would create. The wound has initiated a downward path of decay.
       If the scars on our soul are very severe they mirror the original wounding in the universe to such an extent that the original broken heart becomes a heart condition. The agony of the scars become the pain in our body and results into a physical condition/ disease. Thus the incident which a person considers as a slap in the face has now become a chronic sinusitis/ toothache. The origin of such things are psychosomatic but gradually they turn into real physical malfunctions and it could happen that the moment 1 issue is cured, another is already on the way.
       Such psychosomatic wounds are the most severe pain a human can endure and result in long term diseases that are uncured. As they are deeper there is more physical trauma because these conditions hit us directly. A human loses the ability and will to create a life full of bliss, love and trust. Most of us around are afflicted with scars in one or the other way - made by wrong indications, false data and rejection. It is very necessary to heal these scars through a variety of techniques practiced in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) through a trained professional in NLP. Techniques like Subconscious Re-imprinting  helps to reinvent one's mindset or erasing the painful memories and creating new memories through Timeline Therapy would liberate a person to get rid of these scars. There are many other techniques that will help a person get rid of depression, phobias, unwanted painful memories, dis empowering situations etc. NLP has techniques to even empower you through the Memory NLP and many other techniques to increase your business potential, to teach you to focus and reinvent a new life of your choice.  


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