The Parable of the Pencil

As children we used a pencil for writing and drawing, but today with reference to the  story of the pencil maker, here I am sharing my views with you all about a pencil.
The pencil maker advised the pencil
1. You will be able to do great things BUT only if you allow yourself to be held in someone's hand.
Similarly we as humans can do great things if we abide to the laws of God. Trust in God despite of whatsoever is going on in your life. Have faith in God because he will never let you down. Sooner or later he will lead you to your dreams and help you achieve them. Never lose faith in God, the Almighty. Be accessible to all around you and let others have a share to use the gifts that you possess. If you possess knowledge related to your forte share it and it multiplies abundantly passing from person to person. This way you too will be able to enhance your knowledge and sharpen your skills. We all need to sharpen our skills time and again to sustain in this transitioning world.
2. You will experience a painful sharpening from time to time, BUT it is required if you are to become a better pencil.
We as humans undergo so many ordeals in our life. Sometimes we are tried by our most near and dear ones. We are betrayed and tortured brutally by people around. But remember these trials and ordeals are the testimony to the fact that we are capable enough to endure them and emerge as winners in the race of life. The pain and traumas which we go through are unique to us as God believes we can endure them and we will rise above these painful situations. Pain makes us stronger in life and it makes us a better human too.
3. You have the ability to correct any mistakes you might make.
To err is human. But if you persistently keep on making the same mistakes again and again you end up being foolish in the eyes of others. There is no mistake that cannot be rectified. A mistake teaches us to be more meticulous, more alert and more clear with your basic fundamentals in life. It is true that some mistakes cannot be undone or forgiven but moving on is the rule of life. If you keep stuffing yourself with the pain, with the hurt you are never going to be capable enough to move on. Let it go and you emerge more stronger than before once the pain subsides.
4. The most important part of you will always be what is inside.
There are people around with a rough exterior but a beautiful heart within. Now a days the inner beauty is neglected. People want to have everything that looks good from out. But remember if your personality is full of joy, love, peace, kindness and honesty within you have the access to a million of hearts around you. Beauty fades but these inner values will never diminish. people will remember you for your kindness, honesty, truthfulness and any a good value/trait that you possess. Enrich your inner self more to keep these traits alive in you. Never lose your genuine self.
5. No matter what the conditions are you must go on.
Never lose hope in life and its experiences. every experience shapes you into the beautiful soul you are today. Life has to go on; you have to go on no matter what. Leave a mark wherever you go. Whatever the conditions trust your instincts and move ahead. There should never be any looking back to the negativity, to the mistakes you made in life. These are the things which will bog you down with depression. Leave them behind and GO ON POSITIVELY AND HAPPILY IN LIFE.


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