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Virtue  is the ethical excellence of a person. A morally notable man or woman has a character built of virtues valued as appropriate. He or she is honest, respectful, courageous, forgiving, and kind, as an example. Due to these positive virtues, he or she is devoted to doing the proper thing irrespective of what the personal cost, and does no longer bend to impulses, urges or dreams, but acts in line with values and ideas. Some would possibly say that correct qualities are innate and evolved through proper parenting, which they're, but we’re no longer perfect. Virtues need to be cultivated to make them prevalent and routine in every day existence. With the addiction of being greater virtuous, we take the helm of our personal lifestyles, redirecting its route nearer to extra success, peace and joy.
Why practice Virtues?
Virtues are generic and identified by way of all cultures as basic qualities essential for our well-being and happiness. Important because whilst we exercise virtues and construct the “individual muscle,” we are able to appeal to what we have been lacking in our lifestyles along with pleasant relationships, success of significant goals, and happiness. The moment we claim, I'm persevering to achieve this purpose in spite of all obstacles, self-doubt and fear,” a shift takes place wherein we naturally turn out to be determined, focused  and courageous, leading us to achievement.
We realize that it takes perseverance to reach our desires, and we nevertheless by no means get there. We recognize if we forgive someone then we might not be as angry and uptight, and we gradually comprehend that it takes courage to accomplish great things. So why then, if we understand what to do, we are still stuck? It is because we have not boldly or consciously applied that virtue to the existing situation to achieve it or alter the result from what it has always been to what it can be.   Examples to practice virtues to gain a desired outcome:
§ Discipline if cultivated helps you to win a 25 mile race and help you achieve good health.
§ Kindness toward a person who is having a terrible day could make him/her smile and a rapport is created.
§ Creativity can result in an idea that changes how humans relate to one another, for e.g. social media.
§ Trust in relationships fosters dependability and intimacy, and fosters long term relationships.
§ Gratitude for a job loss can shift our awareness from feeling low to how we will have a new and more satisfying career.
§ Service to others can help change the lives, ensure better neighborhoods and create stronger countries.
How to be Virtuous 
Today we are becoming virtuous, not because of the results mentioned in the above examples, but because of the way people respond to us. Our buddies, households, colleagues and neighbors will develop trust in us  and depend on us. They will approach us for guidance and help, and could want to be around us because we encourage them to be great people. We will be in the category of people with exceptional character who make the right choices/ decisions and try for excellence in all we do. Can lifestyles be lived any higher?
In short, the practice of virtues permits us to develop our potential, and live a life with purpose by being extraordinary. The truth: Turning into more virtuous human beings draws incredible things to us.
Tip to practice virtues - Create a virtue box and daily pick one and practice it like we do in my family.


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