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Workplace Harassment

     Despite of the many rules and laws framed by the government and judicial authorities workplace harassment continues across the globe. The forms of harassment can be varied - like bullying, rumor mongering, excluding from group activities, sexual demands, sending of obscene messages, gender inequality and many more. Even though there is too much of proclamation for gender equality, the society has still not become aware about it and many stereotyped notions prevail.     Whenever any employee - male/female faces any form of harassment, say for example - if it is someone who is spreading rumors. One must take a diplomatic approach rather than expressing anger/displeasure. However if it doesn't work, seeking help of someone in authority is also a form of reasonable intervention. Following protocols in tackling a problem is the best way to move ahead. Mocking at people  with integrity is also a form of harassment. It may happen at times because of group dynamics/ a particularl


A chaos lies deep within. A chaos of frustration, Of unfulfilled dreams and aspirations. Of empty words devoid of love and emotions. Of the inability to achieve one’s goals. Of the burden of fake people and plastic relations. Of the words which I wanted to speak but was compelled to swallow. Of the painful lacerating wounds in my heart. Of the silence that screams within me. Of the betrayals and back stabbings. Of allegations which I never even thought of committing. The chaos watches as I go about with my daily routine. It tries to sneak out now and then. I play smarter than the chaos. I portray that all is well. I engross myself in my work and stuff that I am passionate about. But often the chaos tries to overpower me. But human as I am. I have learnt to put it in the deepest, darkest corners of my heart. I put on a brave face and keep on progressing. The chaos feels left out. It cannot believe its eyes as I am happy and positive. Every

Love - A Blessing; Not A Burden

Love - a very common word yet a complex phenomenon. The world around has burdened love with too many responsibilities and expectations. Today people are stressed because of love - before finding love and even after finding love. The world today plans, analyses and thinks a lot for love rather than just enjoying, feeling and living in those moments of love. The life of a relationship is very shallow now a days. There are quick breakups and frequent quicker hook ups. People are making a mistake when they seek love externally. The object of our affection is mistaken as the subject. Love is inside us but people end up looking for it outside and keep on waiting for the right person. Love expands when you include others and the entire Universe. So when two people unite in togetherness share the love in their hearts they make a beautiful journey and create magic wherever they go. Love has to be free so that the emotion spreads its beautiful wings and takes on a fantastic flight. Do not w

Eliminate The Evil Forces Within

Human nature is ruled by dual forces – either demoniacal or godly. Due to this there is a fight between the good and the bad since antiquity, both within and without. The bad forces within us like greed, lust, anger, jealousy, arrogance, attachment, fear and ego are more severe and troublesome than the bad forces outside. The evils which are at an inner level manifest collectively as evils outside. Cultivation of virtues and enhancing our sattva (our quality of having balance, harmony, purity and being positive by remaining peaceful and virtuous) is the only means to get rid of these vices within us and around us. There are various approaches to combat the evil which we experience outside. The first one which was followed by the Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekanand was the preaching of Jesus Christ mentioned in Sermon on the Mount – ‘Resist not evil’. Vivekanand said that we will not understand the significance of this until we ourselves do not realize that this is the best remedy