A chaos lies deep within.
A chaos of frustration,
Of unfulfilled dreams and aspirations.
Of empty words devoid of love and emotions.
Of the inability to achieve one’s goals.
Of the burden of fake people and plastic relations.
Of the words which I wanted to speak but was compelled to swallow.
Of the painful lacerating wounds in my heart.
Of the silence that screams within me.
Of the betrayals and back stabbings.
Of allegations which I never even thought of committing.
The chaos watches as I go about with my daily routine.
It tries to sneak out now and then.
I play smarter than the chaos.
I portray that all is well.
I engross myself in my work and stuff that I am passionate about.
But often the chaos tries to overpower me.
But human as I am.
I have learnt to put it in the deepest, darkest corners of my heart.
I put on a brave face and keep on progressing.
The chaos feels left out.
It cannot believe its eyes as I am happy and positive.
Every chaos has taught me the painful lesson of life.
And now the chaos of wisdom flows within me.
It neglects and slaps every other chaos that tries to raise its head.
I smile in victory all day as I have learnt to deal with it.
It lies suppressed in anguish devoid of my attention.
And I celebrate every victory over the chaos.
With a strong and tough demeanor
Which no chaos can dare to shatter.
 (Dedicated to every human on the earth who is strong to deal with the battles of life. Hats off to each one of us on this planet who has learnt to deal with the inner chaos and emerged as winners.)


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