Love - A Blessing; Not A Burden

Love - a very common word yet a complex phenomenon. The world around has burdened love with too many responsibilities and expectations. Today people are stressed because of love - before finding love and even after finding love. The world today plans, analyses and thinks a lot for love rather than just enjoying, feeling and living in those moments of love.
The life of a relationship is very shallow now a days. There are quick breakups and frequent quicker hook ups. People are making a mistake when they seek love externally. The object of our affection is mistaken as the subject. Love is inside us but people end up looking for it outside and keep on waiting for the right person. Love expands when you include others and the entire Universe. So when two people unite in togetherness share the love in their hearts they make a beautiful journey and create magic wherever they go.
Love has to be free so that the emotion spreads its beautiful wings and takes on a fantastic flight. Do not worry much about it, set it free to flow. Love is the only emotion that flows unhindered compared to emotions like jealousy, passion, lust, desire or affection. When you truly love someone you accept them into your inner being and share your innermost essence with them by baring your vulnerabilities and your intimate desires and dreams. Love works only when it is deep and abiding. True love defines a path and a life together. It stands against all odds and remains intact. You can feel its transformative power like the wind beneath you wings.
Most of the world considers love and partnership as an end in itself. But it is the means to an end. Anyone who is in love may be into a stupor for a while, but if the love is true then it is throbbing and living energy that induces you into onward movement rather than bringing a stagnation. So if in true love, remember to let the hormones flow and suffuse you because you are in a happy and satisfying relationship which helps you to move together in life. The excitement and momentum spurs you to growth and greater happiness. That is the aim of any great relationship because it will promote you as person, as a partner and as a human being. You will be full of optimism and ever ready to face challenges and move ahead in the race of life as you are satisfied with your relationship.
If the relationship is dissatisfied and you are unhappy due to it, you feel tied in  knots right at  the same place wherever you are. If ever you are let down by your partner/ lover rise up, dust yourself and move on. Don't wallow in self pity and keep on nursing your broken heart. Life has to go on. You can't put yourself at stake because of one failed relationship. The world out is waiting to see you at your best. So be the best despite all odds. Don't be a victim of your own emotions or don't set emotional traps for yourself and go into oblivion. Love hasn't left you; its the person that has exited. Love still exists within you. So it is important to sort out your relation with your partner before you evolve further. If unable to do so move on fast and find happiness elsewhere.
It takes lot of efforts to have a journey of happiness and fulfillment and finding a partner is just a stepping stone to it, and not the destination. In real love you are able to find yourself and understand yourself. It gives you the power and courage to go that extra mile. When couples are together crossing the milestones in their journey of life by overcoming the obstacles, they become capable to share the happiness, fun, excitement and warmth of a loving relationship.
It is a myth that finding a partner puts an end to all conflicts and everything will be fine. But if so, then life is definitely going to be boring for you.  The differences in life make it exciting. For a long term relationship you need to embrace the differences and flaws of your partner, be a best friend to your partner and be non judgmental towards your partner. But most of the partners get judgmental and never be a friend to the other. For a relation to last - do not hold grudges, give space and freedom to your partner and be a friend. But nowadays people try to find a partner that fits into their template and is on the same note of  their perception of love and life.
People are afraid of rejection. Once rejected they get into a depressed state and squander their life. But a rejection is not an end to the world- be it any sort of rejection. The fear of rejection is rooted in our insecurities and makes us cautious of love.  To find love you must learn to free yourself from the fear of being rejected. To be strong; leave your anxieties behind. Remember only strong people are capable to love others as they are not confused about their feelings.
"Love is loving, caring, adoring, just being there and never let going despite the worst of odds". Love unfolds only when you let it breathe and flow freely, so let lose your fears, your inhibitions, your flaws, your insecurities and love with all your might without burdening love with responsibilities and expectations.  As every coin has two sides, the same applies to love also. But the failures, rejections, insecurities in love teach you the lessons of life. It makes you strong from within despite of being your weakness. The weakness itself makes you capable to love more. You strive a lot to make the relation work and that courage comes from the love within you. So rather than taking it as a burden feel blessed that love resides in your heart. Many relations are saved only because of the love that resides in the heart of one of the partner. We grow and mature in love and then we realize its real essence. May every day of yours be filled with love till you breathe. Stay happy, Stay blessed in Love always.


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