Workplace Harassment

     Despite of the many rules and laws framed by the government and judicial authorities workplace harassment continues across the globe. The forms of harassment can be varied - like bullying, rumor mongering, excluding from group activities, sexual demands, sending of obscene messages, gender inequality and many more. Even though there is too much of proclamation for gender equality, the society has still not become aware about it and many stereotyped notions prevail.
    Whenever any employee - male/female faces any form of harassment, say for example - if it is someone who is spreading rumors. One must take a diplomatic approach rather than expressing anger/displeasure. However if it doesn't work, seeking help of someone in authority is also a form of reasonable intervention. Following protocols in tackling a problem is the best way to move ahead.
Mocking at people  with integrity is also a form of harassment. It may happen at times because of group dynamics/ a particularly vocal member of a group. It is a type of bullying and many are depressed because of it. Looking at it the broader context harassment in its multiple form drives people into depression. And in such circumstances it becomes important for the person's friends and family to intervene.
   Many females face harassment from their senior male bosses through personal chats, sending of obscene mails/messages/ verbal abuse. The male colleagues are seen taunting their female colleagues in case they have gone out for lunch/dinner/party with their friend circle. They are rebuked for excluding those unwanted colleagues in their friend circle. Some males try all sorts of emotional terrorism on the female to get close to her. Obscene comments are passed and in most cases when a female  brings out such things in public, people tend to move away from her. The female has to remain very strong in such circumstances. If the harassment is through text messages or anything that is written, it can be saved and be a record for legal procedures. It acts as an evidence against the person who is harassing you. A person receiving such kind of messages should immediately report the perpetrator to the highest authority. Exposing such harassment is important in the larger campaign against women. Save such messages and make someone whom you trust aware of it and let the person know that you are troubled by it.
   Unwanted partiality or favoring a female/ male colleague over others may eventually lead to sexual harassment. It is because favoritism is a form of discrimination but not harassment as such. If the male/female colleague feels harassed by the favoritism, then certainly it may be interpreted as sexual harassment. Every working woman should study the Vishakha & POSH guidelines for harassment at the workplace.
   The above said things are centered around the females but even males are harassed by the female seniors/bosses. Though the reporting of such incidences is hardly seen. But every employee must get his/ her share of due respect, space and importance at the workplace on a equal basis. When incidences of harassment come up they mar the beauty of the workplace and destroy the peace of all around. One must remember to empathize with the person in such cases and try to be of support to the person. Any form of harassment is not a joke, is not funny, in fact it is never funny as a person's peace of mind and life is at stake due to it. If you cannot be of help to the person don't be against the person.


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