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Team Building Skills

   For any company to flourish, efficient and qualified persons who are dedicated, focused and have good team playing skills are a prerequisite. Many of the Indian companies lack due to good team work and efficient team building.   As per an international survey conducted by YSC - a leading psychology consulting company which was conducted to check the efficiency of executives working in different companies across the globe. According to the survey only 13% of the executives consider team work as their strength, whereas in China it is 30% and 24& in the USA. 24% of the executives in India lacked in the skill of team work, in contrast to China & USA which show only 3% and 6% respectively. The heads/ executives of Indian companies are not that efficient in team work. Many of the executives are placed in the top positions, but these executives are not efficient in team building nor good at team work. As per this survey the ambition, enthusiasm and achievements of Indians are p

A Shoulder to Cry on

     The human body and its parts play an important role in the life of an individual. One realizes the value of the body only when there is a defect in any of the part or you lose any of the body part. Have you ever wondered which is the most important body part? There will be different answers to this ranging from the eyes to any other body part which you believe is the important one. But what if one loses sight but has learnt to manage with the support of the people around. There is no vision but through the support of everyone around that person has the courage to go on in life despite of the loss of eyes. And this applies to every part. Humans need the strength and support from the people around to survive. So due to this quality it has been found out that the shoulder is the most important part of the human body. It is because the shoulder gives love, comfort and support to people around you. You love someone you can hug the person by wrapping your shoulders around. A friend

Life long Learning and Values

    In today's time children need more parental guidance and support in their day to day life. The support of parents and teachers plays a crucial role in their upbringing. There are parents - the permissive ones who shower all their love blindly but are unable to provide the required guidance. Some do the opposite by being strict disciplinarians and fail to provide love - the authoritarians. There are those who neither shower their love nor guide the children - the negligent parents. None of these are helpful in the proper upbringing. To be an effective parent you need to be an appropriate blend of discipline and love for your child.    Teachers too play an important role in shaping the psyche and future of a child. The children today are at a big loss due to the decline in the communication between a parent-child at home and the disengagement of student-teacher in the classrooms. We as parents and teachers need to look for opportunities to interact personally with our ch

Let there be a Celebration of Sisterhood

      The hype of International Women's day is deafening. Womanhood does not depend on one single is an eternal celebration of being born as a woman. A woman has the power to bear, nurture and bring out the best in everything she does. Then why this shor sharaba on this particular day. Real celebration is when one woman helps another woman. When she stops being bitchy for the other women around her. The need of the hour is that every woman must support and strengthen the bond between the other women around her. But rather than doing it, I see women who always act as hurdles for the women around them. This bitter reality in brought out by the TV serials which show all sorts of drama, conspiracies, emotional atyachar which are afflicted by one woman on another woman in the family. And the worst part is even men are well aware that 2 women can never be real friends. They feel women can never get along with one another. Due to this we are the center of their bloody joke

Overconfidence is Dangerous

  Whenever I interact with a person, I always look for confidence in him/her. The level of confidence in a person speaks volumes about him/her. It is good to be confident but bad to be overconfident. When one is overconfident, one indulges in taking great risks which are beyond his/her capacity to deal with. In some way it is a combat against the laws of Nature.   Overconfidence is a result of over assessment of one's capabilities. Many a times people rate their confidence very high and get trapped into situations that are beyond their control.   Any achievement which one achieves is a product of 2 factors - one's personal planning and the support of the external world. The share of personal planning is less than 50% while share of external factors is more than 50%. Due to this overconfidence becomes untenable. Most of the people give all the credit to their personal planning and neglect the external factors. Their inability to foresee future development makes them unrealis