A Shoulder to Cry on

   The human body and its parts play an important role in the life of an individual. One realizes the value of the body only when there is a defect in any of the part or you lose any of the body part. Have you ever wondered which is the most important body part? There will be different answers to this ranging from the eyes to any other body part which you believe is the important one. But what if one loses sight but has learnt to manage with the support of the people around. There is no vision but through the support of everyone around that person has the courage to go on in life despite of the loss of eyes. And this applies to every part. Humans need the strength and support from the people around to survive. So due to this quality it has been found out that the shoulder is the most important part of the human body. It is because the shoulder gives love, comfort and support to people around you. You love someone you can hug the person by wrapping your shoulders around. A friend is in distress, you can provide your shoulder to cry on. In case of death of a person the bereaved members come into your arms and cry on your shoulders. Thus shoulder is the most important part of the body because it provides you comfort, care, warmth and support in times of need. Rest of all the body parts are used for our own selfish needs, but a shoulder is used to support others. Always have a shoulder to cry on. Despite of one's strengths; one needs a shoulder for support and comfort in testing times. Find out the really strong and true shoulders which you have in your life. They are your family, your friends, your people who will never let you down in times of trial. Count them as blessings of God in your life. These shoulders are of those persons who will never break your moral. They will be your guiding force and a reason to carry on in life despite of the worst going around you. One can forget the words you spoke or the wrongs you did but one can never forget the way you made them feel. Be a strong shoulder for someone to cry on in times of distress and make them feel valued and loved.
   May God bless everyone with such friends who are always there for you in crisis. Value them, respect them and never ever take them for granted.


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