Let there be a Celebration of Sisterhood

   The hype of International Women's day is deafening. Womanhood does not depend on one single day...it is an eternal celebration of being born as a woman. A woman has the power to bear, nurture and bring out the best in everything she does. Then why this shor sharaba on this particular day. Real celebration is when one woman helps another woman. When she stops being bitchy for the other women around her. The need of the hour is that every woman must support and strengthen the bond between the other women around her. But rather than doing it, I see women who always act as hurdles for the women around them. This bitter reality in brought out by the TV serials which show all sorts of drama, conspiracies, emotional atyachar which are afflicted by one woman on another woman in the family. And the worst part is even men are well aware that 2 women can never be real friends. They feel women can never get along with one another. Due to this we are the center of their bloody jokes and generalizations made by them.

   Women want equality with men. But do you consider yourself as an equal to the other women? Do you feel you should support and guide some woman in the right direction? Do you prevent yourself from gossiping about other women? Are you empathetic for the other women around you? Are you envious of the other women? Instead its a pity that a woman considers other women as her biggest rivals.Womanhood needs to be celebrated when you know the right answers to these questions otherwise all is in vain. Women need to come together and display their strength in the right direction rather than harassing someone. We don't need to be equal to men but feel equal with our own sisters around us. Feminists would never agree to my views, but it is those feminists only who have spoilt all women. All their theories look good only on paper, they are not practical at all. Anything is labelled as feminist rights and people are after it. Women need to stop this melodrama and be genuine towards the noble cause of being a feminist. Guide women rather than misguiding them. Help women rather than exploiting them. Stop playing a victim now and then to gain benefits. Help other women around you and then the celebration of womanhood begins. Stop conspiring and gossiping about women around you. 
Grow together

   The term womanhood should be changed to sisterhood where all women are friends with one another. They empower one another. They are no more rivals but grow together and progress in the beautiful journey of life. We need to rise above these trivial things and stop being barriers in the life of women around. Empathize with every woman - once you do this, you believe and experience the beauty of your relationship with the women close to you- be it a mother, mother -in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law or any other relation.
Support women who are victims of any type of harassment or rape - do not discard them. Stop being enemies of each other within the family and wherever you go. On this day I just pray to God to grant all the women on this planet the sanity and wisdom to understand and empathize with women around them and make this world a better living place. Work in the direction of creating a healthy society where you would like to reside in peace and harmony by respecting all women and everybody around you


  1. True meaning of womenhood well defined.
    No need to be competitive rather be Supportive with everyone.
    Happy Women's Day

  2. very true analysis. women are enemies of each other and so men are just mere prey sickers orou can say opportunists

  3. Some women really need to stop playing victim and empower themselves as well as others. Very meaningful reflection for women today!


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