Overconfidence is Dangerous

  Whenever I interact with a person, I always look for confidence in him/her. The level of confidence in a person speaks volumes about him/her. It is good to be confident but bad to be overconfident. When one is overconfident, one indulges in taking great risks which are beyond his/her capacity to deal with. In some way it is a combat against the laws of Nature.   Overconfidence is a result of over assessment of one's capabilities. Many a times people rate their confidence very high and get trapped into situations that are beyond their control.
  Any achievement which one achieves is a product of 2 factors - one's personal planning and the support of the external world. The share of personal planning is less than 50% while share of external factors is more than 50%. Due to this overconfidence becomes untenable. Most of the people give all the credit to their personal planning and neglect the external factors. Their inability to foresee future development makes them unrealistic thinkers and eventually it proves fatal. People prone to such a thinking; risk being failures.

  How can one cope with overconfidence? Whenever in life one has to take a decision - objectively discuss the matter with people who are well - informed. If proven that your decision is a wrong step , accept it and admit your mistake. Most of the people who lack humility have lot of over confidence - a common flaw of their personality. If modest, you will be a realist - a person who is cut down to size. These lot of people are very cautious on every move they make, any action they take. These are the people who take into consideration all the factors in every situation they have to deal, with and do a thorough evaluation of the risks involved. This realistic approach makes them aware of their own shortcomings. This in turn acts as a controlling element in their live and thus they prevent themselves from facing untoward consequences.
  Overconfidence makes one wrapped up in their own thoughts. They are unaware & inconsiderate of the people around. They have an inward looking attitude which is highly injurious to all concerned. Overconfident people are more prone to taking risks - but taking a risk should be a well calculated move, or it could be fatal.


  1. The article is nice,worth reading and upto the point.Thanks Mam

  2. as quoted by Charles Bukowski,

    “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”


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