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Inner Resort of Peace

   Humans are caught up in a turbulent world full of stress. Everyone tries different coping mechanisms to overcome this stress of the rapidly changing world around them. We try to learn different tactics to destress ourselves. But still things go haywire and we are all at the feet of stress. One can create a beautiful resort of choice in their mind. This resort can be the space in your mind, psyche and heart which is your oasis of peace. This resort can be your place where you get the strength of equilibrium and feel the power of positivity. Creating this resort takes years of practice, effort, positive thoughts, erasing of your ego and wiping off your past. You cannot create it single-handedly. It needs the support of your near and dear ones. But once this inner resort is ready, you can always tune in and relax. That's the best company one can have - a company of the self. * Select the most beautiful landscape of your choice. Keep on visiting this place again and again. the m

Master Your Mind

   We all are the servants of our mind. We dance according to the tunes played by our mind. Our body obeys the instructions of our mind. Many a times due to the bidding of wrong/ unlawful thoughts, the human body sinks into disease and decay. Whereas the command of right/ unlawful thoughts sinks the body into youthfulness and beauty. Every disease and health like circumstances are deeply rooted in our thought. When one lives in fear of disease - one is bound to get the disease.    Most of us have anxiety from a very young age. Anxiety lays upon the way of entry for a disease and rapidly demoralizes the whole system. If one has too many bad/ impure thoughts and even if one does not act upon it, these thoughts have the power to shatter your nervous system. On the other hand having good/ pure thoughts helps to fill the body with grace and vigor.    One needs to have cheerful thoughts in order to dissipate the evils of the body. Goodwill acts as a comforter in dispersing the shadows

Lead the Way

     Who is a good leader? Someone who manages well/ who leads all/ who delegates the duties to a group/who is a good listener/ someone with a pleasant personality? You ask this question to anyone and they all may have different answers as per their perception and beliefs.   We humans are driven by our mind. Our mind provides us the answers to our questions/doubts. But at times we are clueless about the answers. This brings us to the fact that even the mind needs guidance. This guidance comes from one's level of intelligence. Intelligence is the power through which one can expel unwanted qualities and suffuse emotional strength, poise and stability. Thus a close integration of mind and intelligence makes one a good leader. Such a person excels in leading the mind and intelligence of the team. An enlightened leader is one who is dedicated, competent and keeps the welfare of the people in mind. Such a leadership enriches and determines the growth of a team/company/nation. Intell


   Once in a while we are faced with situations which cannot be handled in a mundane way but we need to be creative to tackle them. And the funny part is that we never come up with ideas when we are discussing or trying to sort it out. Most of the times brilliant ideas come to me in the calm of darkness. I many a times forget them until I discovered a trick to remember these ideas. At other times my creativity is flooded with solutions to the issues I face while I am driving or when I am in the shower. The reason behind this is that I am calm and relaxed. There is no hurry to complete any task. This must be the case with all of us because each of us on this planet is born creative. Its only that we have stopped focusing within to seek them due to the hurry of growing and educating ourselves, to have a well paid job, to waste our time in doing unnecessary things and due to the chaotic lifestyle.    We find people who have lost confidence in their own creativity and there are the on

Tap your Potential

    We are all blessed with wonderful gifts by God, but selfish as humans, we have lost sight of these gifts. We always want to have what others have. This makes us live in state of lack where we continuously keep on focusing our thoughts on what we lack rather than focusing on what we have. All the great people followed a simple rule to achieve success - they knew themselves and were confident about their talents. But today despite of being talented people lack the confidence in their talents. they do not trust themselves. God has made everyone unique in their own ways. Then why should one feel a lack by looking at others? Most of us do not use the immense potential which has been gifted to us by the Almighty. We need to tap our potential and focus on using them for our success. These talents makes one unique and you can refine and expand them for the enhancement of your careers or the life of people around you. Everyone is endowed with the potential to be a genius. Its only tha