Once in a while we are faced with situations which cannot be handled in a mundane way but we need to be creative to tackle them. And the funny part is that we never come up with ideas when we are discussing or trying to sort it out. Most of the times brilliant ideas come to me in the calm of darkness. I many a times forget them until I discovered a trick to remember these ideas. At other times my creativity is flooded with solutions to the issues I face while I am driving or when I am in the shower. The reason behind this is that I am calm and relaxed. There is no hurry to complete any task. This must be the case with all of us because each of us on this planet is born creative. Its only that we have stopped focusing within to seek them due to the hurry of growing and educating ourselves, to have a well paid job, to waste our time in doing unnecessary things and due to the chaotic lifestyle.
   We find people who have lost confidence in their own creativity and there are the ones who just focus on the completion of a task rather than finding creative ways to enhance it and in turn enhance themselves. Humans need to be open and flexible to their own innovative space - an important aspect of the process of creativity. One cannot get ideas from anywhere; they have to be obtained from a creative directory. This happens only when you start focusing on the beautiful and logical things around you. Whenever we listen to the experiences of others we get to know their ideas and how they implemented them. One must listen to the inspirational leaders when they share their wisdom. Their practices can be adopted by us in our day to day life. Avoid nay-sayers, be around people who infuse positivity, encouragement and good humour.
   This way you can have a repository of ideas and productive solutions. Now start training your mind to think something different from the practiced ideas and solutions which you have used. Churn your mind to find out different ways of solving problems from the ones you have encountered or seen around you and try to put them into practice. This type of churning will tease and trigger your brain for delving deep into its resources.
   Use your creative ideas and if possible share them with your circle. In this process you may come across something better and more creative. This is because knowledge flowers vibrantly when shared and one cannot have all the answers to all problems. Collaboration is at the root of execution for the best of the projects. Man cannot achieve things single - handedly.
   To invite creativity one must be relaxed and at peace. Creativity strikes us in the silence of the night because our mind is silent at that moment and in no hurry. An empty mind is the ideal receptacle for our inner voice. Be at peace with yourself and allow the mind to drift because this is the moment when you will be visited by innovative answers to the problems that are coming up in your mind. But never forget to jot down your ideas; lest your memory fails you. One needs practice and discipline to yield creativity. It does not come in a single attempt.  All around us we have people with creativity but rare are the ones who can tap into it and rarer are those who can bring it to its ultimate purpose.


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