Inner Resort of Peace

   Humans are caught up in a turbulent world full of stress. Everyone tries different coping mechanisms to overcome this stress of the rapidly changing world around them. We try to learn different tactics to destress ourselves. But still things go haywire and we are all at the feet of stress. One can create a beautiful resort of choice in their mind. This resort can be the space in your mind, psyche and heart which is your oasis of peace. This resort can be your place where you get the strength of equilibrium and feel the power of positivity. Creating this resort takes years of practice, effort, positive thoughts, erasing of your ego and wiping off your past. You cannot create it single-handedly. It needs the support of your near and dear ones. But once this inner resort is ready, you can always tune in and relax. That's the best company one can have - a company of the self.
* Select the most beautiful landscape of your choice. Keep on visiting this place again and again. the more flights you take the more peaceful you will be.
* Say a prayer once you are in your favorite resort - a prayer of your faith in order to cover your mind's space with fruits of good deeds and blossoms of bliss.
* Meditate daily. This will lead you you into the inner resort. Start with a minute and then gradually increase the time. These minutes are enough to unload your mental stress and give you relief. It could be any form of meditation. Meditation of breathe, of the God in whom you have faith, of space, of the third eye or merely sitting in silence. The aim is to get rid of your mental garbage through this.
* Just for a minute align yourself with Nature. This acts as a linking road to your inner resort which brings peace, harmony and equanimity. It is an excellent flyover to your inner resort. To align with Nature, talk to a plant, embrace a tree with open arms and a beaming smile, talk to the stars, sing to the Sun/Moon and enjoy their company in your inner resort.
* Keep a happy memory album in your inner resort. Select any one good incident/happy moment of your life everyday when you tune in to your inner resort. This way you will have a collection of the fond memories. In case you are bored, you can just go through your memory album and feel refreshed. Visiting your happy memories is not a sign of  escapism but a proof that you have lived happy moments in this life.
* Make your levels of subtle energy high within. In case there is darkness due to failure of electricity you will need to tap these different sources of energy. To increase your levels of subtle energy, learn deep breathing, pranayam, chant mantras of your choice or practice mudras. You have to master that technique which your subtle body accepts easily.
   This creation of an INNER RESORT may sound foolish to many, but it really works. I have one within where I am relaxed and destress myself. If it works for me and many others, it will definitely work for you. Give it a try and stay free from stress.


  1. nice....
    once you have victory over these nothing can disturb your state of peace of mind....just keep managing your way


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