Lead the Way

   Who is a good leader? Someone who manages well/ who leads all/ who delegates the duties to a group/who is a good listener/ someone with a pleasant personality? You ask this question to anyone and they all may have different answers as per their perception and beliefs.
  We humans are driven by our mind. Our mind provides us the answers to our questions/doubts. But at times we are clueless about the answers. This brings us to the fact that even the mind needs guidance. This guidance comes from one's level of intelligence. Intelligence is the power through which one can expel unwanted qualities and suffuse emotional strength, poise and stability. Thus a close integration of mind and intelligence makes one a good leader. Such a person excels in leading the mind and intelligence of the team. An enlightened leader is one who is dedicated, competent and keeps the welfare of the people in mind. Such a leadership enriches and determines the growth of a team/company/nation. Intelligence can be used a tool but without being partial to a particular person, as a leader must embrace all alike. A display of equality towards all and inclusion of all helps a leader to evoke participatory response from the people.
   One's profession should be thought of in a larger social, national and global perspective. The progress of any professional is one's contribution to the society. Whatever and wherever one works - be it at home/workplace one must view it as equal because the home and workplace are inter-dependent. If one is devoted at home but not devoted at the workplace is a dichotomy which enfeebles the professional and the domestic fronts.
   It is true that all work to fulfill the basic needs of 'roti, kapda aur makan' . Another bitter truth is that money is very much needed for sustenance of our life and pleasures. But financial gains should not be the main persuasion to work. The productivity of employees caters to society and their families are its constituents. If you enrich them you benefit the society.
   There are many public sectors like schools, colleges, hospitals, roads, research centers, ports etc which are meant for the benefit of the society. The persons working in such places should have the satisfaction as their efforts have helped in the society's welfare and development. A person who is more concerned with sustainable development is an exemplary leader who can be of benefit to  the society at large. Such a leader is against short term benefits and superficial display. This leader instills integrity all around by cherishing it within the self.
   Important leadership lessons by Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric:-
"Never kick anybody when they are down. Kick them when they start to swell instead of grow, and whack them when it happens."
"Be real - you shouldn't lose sight of who you are as you climb your way to the top. Your realness will make you accessible, you will connect and you will inspire. You will lead."  


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