Master Your Mind

   We all are the servants of our mind. We dance according to the tunes played by our mind. Our body obeys the instructions of our mind. Many a times due to the bidding of wrong/ unlawful thoughts, the human body sinks into disease and decay. Whereas the command of right/ unlawful thoughts sinks the body into youthfulness and beauty. Every disease and health like circumstances are deeply rooted in our thought. When one lives in fear of disease - one is bound to get the disease.
   Most of us have anxiety from a very young age. Anxiety lays upon the way of entry for a disease and rapidly demoralizes the whole system. If one has too many bad/ impure thoughts and even if one does not act upon it, these thoughts have the power to shatter your nervous system. On the other hand having good/ pure thoughts helps to fill the body with grace and vigor.
   One needs to have cheerful thoughts in order to dissipate the evils of the body. Goodwill acts as a comforter in dispersing the shadows of grief and sorrow. One confines the self to a self-made prison when one lives constantly in ill will, cynicism, envy and suspicion. To live a cheerful and healthy life we must patiently find the good in unselfish thoughts and put yourself in thoughts of peace towards all around to get peace within. Help yourself by learning to differentiate between the good and bad tunes of the mind so that we do not become slaves of the mind. We must master our mind rather than being a slave to our mind.


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