Tap your Potential

   We are all blessed with wonderful gifts by God, but selfish as humans, we have lost sight of these gifts. We always want to have what others have. This makes us live in state of lack where we continuously keep on focusing our thoughts on what we lack rather than focusing on what we have. All the great people followed a simple rule to achieve success - they knew themselves and were confident about their talents. But today despite of being talented people lack the confidence in their talents. they do not trust themselves. God has made everyone unique in their own ways. Then why should one feel a lack by looking at others? Most of us do not use the immense potential which has been gifted to us by the Almighty. We need to tap our potential and focus on using them for our success. These talents makes one unique and you can refine and expand them for the enhancement of your careers or the life of people around you. Everyone is endowed with the potential to be a genius. Its only that we have never spared enough time to peep into ourselves and tap the unseen and  unbelievable reserves of talent that lies within us.
   We need to keep a watch over ourselves and check - Are we using ourselves best to the fullest capacity? If not, then we need to find out effective measures which would help us to do so. We just need to look into our heart and find out the talents in us. God has put this source of human power, potential and purpose inside everyone of us. We look around us but never within us. It is our duty to look within and tap on the reserve and bring out the best in us.


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