A Beautiful "You"

   The standards of beauty have changed due to westernization and this has hugely impacted the middle class women around. The world has accustomed itself to the new definition of feminity in India and whether one likes it or not, agrees/disagrees we have to accept the changed criteria of beauty. To look beautiful or preserve one's natural beauty requires a lot of effort. Its a life long commitment which a woman makes with herself in taking care of herself inside-outside. Today's woman has to set time aside for herself to look beautiful by sparing time from her hectic daily grind to enhance her beauty. Not every woman has the financial means to even fulfill them. They either do away with the home remedies or try out cheap unhygienic products. Every woman has to judiciously select her make up and clothes that suit her particular style and requirements. But the problem is that majority of the women today are blind followers of the film stars and models. They do not understand that for those women their body and face is a means of earning their bread and butter. What they do to enhance their beauty would not be suitable for every woman. Those women on the silver screen are meant for such kind of makeup, clothes and accessories which is not everyone's cup of tea.
   Whatever a woman does in terms of her personal appearance - makeup, clothes and accessories, she should do so by keeping in mind her own personality. What suits one many not suit the other. Rather than imitating someone build your own confidence and self esteem which gives you the courage and self assurance to move and carry yourself in a distinctive style. Is this difficult? Yes, many of them feel so because of the fear of the unknown, the fear of failure or may be the fear of being labelled as foolish and absurd. To overcome this fear every woman must assess her own needs which are related to her career, looks, face and her body texture; in short your own personality. You need to experiment with things. You may make mistakes in the process but these mistakes will help you build your confidence.
   In the process of conquering these fears every woman must inculcate a strong sense of self esteem, i.e self respect for yourself. This is the most important and beautiful ingredient in transforming yourself into a beautiful woman. Believe in your self worth. Have a firm desire to project this personal belief to the world, through your distinctive style, enthusiasm, humor, kindness, boundless energy, generosity and care and concern for others. These are the ingredients required to make you a noble personality and a terrific beautiful woman. I wish every woman on this planet Earth transforms into this beautiful woman rather than falling prey to the false notions of beauty.


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