Salute to the Mother

     A Happy Mother's day to all...
   As such one single 'Mother's day' is not enough to express gratitude for whatever a mother does, but it's good that there is a special day kept aside where all children message, call or gift their mothers. Otherwise in the hustle-bustle of this busy world children rarely have time to sit and talk with their parents. No one is to blame for this but the transitioning period is so competitive that all have become busy. A mother always neglects her needs and her health. It should be understood by every mother that to take care of her child she has to take care of herself to keep going. Her health too is important as she is the backbone of her family. She deserves a salute for her lifetime contribution to her family and her children.
   Apart from my mother who gave me birth, I am fortunate and blessed to have strong women who have showered me with their immense love, care, warmth and blessings. It is because of these strong women in my life that I am what I am today. They have all been with me through thick and thin. I have been guided by their perception and experiences. They have all displayed values of family, character, tolerance and taught me umpteen things. Thank you Mummy, PurnimaMumma, Lataba and Damuma for loving me despite all odds and accepting me as I am. May God shower his abundant grace on you all and give you good health and peace in life always. Love you all.




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