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Self- Neglect

   Have you neglected your self and lived to please others? There are many examples of people who have neglected themselves and spent their lives in living up to the wishes/orders of the opposite person. Relations between a brother-sister, husband-wife, friends and many more thrive only on one person trying to fulfill the demands of the other and please the other. This "Self- neglect" ruins the mental status of the person who is constantly under the pressure of trying to fit into the mold of the other person.    Its a traumatic phase for the person as the person constantly lives in a fear of being left out if he/she does not fit in. Such persons do not think of themselves and are not at all interested in shaping their life. In case they try to do so they live in constant guilt of not doing what is expected by the opposite person. They are labelled with various names too by the near and dear ones. Some are threatened that they may lose the love and attention of the other

Emotional Intelligence

    It has been proven by the theory of Emotional Intelligence that your feelings have a huge impact on the overall health of an individual. A particular feeling that arises in you starts flowing in every cell of you body. It moves from your cerebral system to the immune system, cardiovascular system and all the major organs of the body. Due to this emotional intelligence hold greater prominence in the success and happiness of an individual compared to the past when intelligence quotient held more weightage. The scenario today has changed, thanks to the epoch concept of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.    Understanding and feeling what the other person goes through is showing empathy. The neurons of empathy are located in the cerebral system. This system is very much active at the neurological level. The neurons of empathy continuously keep on originating in our brain. Empathy, sympathy, apathy and antipathy have a huge impact on the feelings. To have a healthy behavior w


     The children today mature very at a very early age these days. They begin to lose their innocence at a very tender age around 5 -6 years. The food habits, sedentary life style and many other factors like television, mobiles and exposure to unnecessary things which cause a hormonal imbalance at a tender age makes them appear big physically but not mentally. The early adolescence brings in many issues which are not easily sorted out by the parent. Due to this the child is under too much pressure to belong to his/her circle. There is tough competition for today's child wherever he/she goes. This pressure results into too much of stress and depression in a child from a very young age.    The child pulls away itself from the parents and blames the parents later for the loneliness and abandoning it. There is too much of conflict with resistance and the parent is blamed for not being a good communicator and not being a easy parent to live with. They want a lot of privacy and sti

Boredom in Children

   A huge difference can be observed in the children of today. The lot of my age, i. e all those who are in their 40's may have barely used the word 'bored'. But the children today get bored so easily. Wherever we go there are children of today saying, 'I am bored', 'I don't like this' etc etc. The kids today have all they need or say more than they need still they are bored. In the last decade it has been witnessed that there is a drastic change in the mentality of children. The greatest change among this is that the children today are 'seekers of sensation'. They seek fun, excitement and thrill in everything they do. Every child wants to be considered 'fun loving'. They keep on wandering here and there to find fun and excitement. They are even eager to post and share this on social media. Some of them are so eager to announce it that they even go live on social media. This tendency of children does not allow them to enjoy anythin