Boredom in Children

   A huge difference can be observed in the children of today. The lot of my age, i. e all those who are in their 40's may have barely used the word 'bored'. But the children today get bored so easily. Wherever we go there are children of today saying, 'I am bored', 'I don't like this' etc etc. The kids today have all they need or say more than they need still they are bored. In the last decade it has been witnessed that there is a drastic change in the mentality of children. The greatest change among this is that the children today are 'seekers of sensation'. They seek fun, excitement and thrill in everything they do. Every child wants to be considered 'fun loving'. They keep on wandering here and there to find fun and excitement. They are even eager to post and share this on social media. Some of them are so eager to announce it that they even go live on social media. This tendency of children does not allow them to enjoy anything they do. They cannot stick to one thing for long. They are always on the go to find something more exciting and full of fun. Ultimately this leads to boredom. From Mario to Game boy, Game boy to PSP, from PSP to the tablet/mobile Temple Run, from Play station they switch on to online Poker, from TV to mobile videos and what not. And if we do not know what are these things we are old and outdated for them. Their choices and moods change very fast like their fun seeking activities. Due to this they feel short and deprived of everything despite of having it all.
  All the businesses of the world are just focused on how to control the minds of this generation today. All advertisements and marketing strategies just want to capture these young minds and empty the pockets of their parents. The result is how so ever and how much the parent spends on the games, on the basic necessities and accessories, on travels or any xyz thing it does not make the child happy for a long time. You satisfy one wish of the child and get relaxed but the child immediately comes with another demand.
   The greatest threat that follows is that till the child is small it relies on the parents for everything but as it grows older it stops relying on the parents and tries all means to get whatever it wants. Children try to find the fun and excitement on their own. This fun and excitement could even be in the form of smoking, drugs, alcohol, gambling, betting, hacking, pornography, online chatting and what not. The generation which is constantly seeking for sensation gets depressed too soon. They resort to suicide for trivial issues which can be sorted out.
   The present generation of youngsters need to understand that everything we do in life is not just for fun. There are many things which are boring and not liked by us all but still we need to do those things as  part of our responsibility as such  things are a part of the system. They need to be taught that life is not just fun. There are some parents who themselves are in search of fun and excitement. Their children put more demands before them as they have witnessed the parents’ pursuit of fun. It is necessary that parents try to inculcate familial and social responsibilities in their children. There are activities like reading, music, painting or writing which can help them while they feel bored. These activities will definitely help in bringing out their creativity whenever they feel bored.
  If this scenario remains for long we will be raising a lot which will be depressed, bored and not at all focused. We need to be more caring, compassionate and loving towards this generation as it is highly sensitive. To a certain extent even we as parents are responsible for all this as many of us around are working parents. Let us all promise ourselves that we will spend more and more time with our children and inculcate genuine human values in them rather than letting them get bored and depressed.


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