Emotional Intelligence

    It has been proven by the theory of Emotional Intelligence that your feelings have a huge impact on the overall health of an individual. A particular feeling that arises in you starts flowing in every cell of you body. It moves from your cerebral system to the immune system, cardiovascular system and all the major organs of the body. Due to this emotional intelligence hold greater prominence in the success and happiness of an individual compared to the past when intelligence quotient held more weightage. The scenario today has changed, thanks to the epoch concept of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.
   Understanding and feeling what the other person goes through is showing empathy. The neurons of empathy are located in the cerebral system. This system is very much active at the neurological level. The neurons of empathy continuously keep on originating in our brain. Empathy, sympathy, apathy and antipathy have a huge impact on the feelings. To have a healthy behavior we need a lot of support. Every person must take a break and remain lonely for some time. By being lonely you realize how much attached you are to the people around you. This 'alone-time'/ me time allows one to reflect into themselves, find out the loop holes in one's personality and assists you in becoming strong by getting rid of negativity that is flowing within you.  Emotional intelligence helps in the overall development of the person. By being emotionally intelligent one can prosper and be successful and healthy. 


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