Self- Neglect

   Have you neglected your self and lived to please others? There are many examples of people who have neglected themselves and spent their lives in living up to the wishes/orders of the opposite person. Relations between a brother-sister, husband-wife, friends and many more thrive only on one person trying to fulfill the demands of the other and please the other. This "Self- neglect" ruins the mental status of the person who is constantly under the pressure of trying to fit into the mold of the other person.
   Its a traumatic phase for the person as the person constantly lives in a fear of being left out if he/she does not fit in. Such persons do not think of themselves and are not at all interested in shaping their life. In case they try to do so they live in constant guilt of not doing what is expected by the opposite person. They are labelled with various names too by the near and dear ones. Some are threatened that they may lose the love and attention of the other person. They mentally torture themselves in this guilt as they are not able to make the other person understand his/her feelings /aspirations / reactions to a particular situation. This person suffers from many health issues and is always frustrated from within as he/she feels helpless. Some are so aware of their thoughts, they even warn the other person by suggesting a solution but still these solutions are neglected and the relation goes to dogs. A phase comes when the whole family suffers due to this but now its too late. Self neglect should not be a part of anyone's life / personality because it hampers your life in many ways and a lot at the emotional and psychological front.
   Ask yourself - Are your happy living this life? Are you happy to be born on this earth? Do you have a sense of satisfaction and joy from life? If the answers are in yes then you are not self neglecting yourself. But in case the answers are no, you have to reconsider your decisions and take a stand for yourself because there is no meaning in suppressing your wishes /feelings / aspirations to please the other. You are harming yourself the most. Its true that we need to keep others happy but not at the cost of your happiness and self -respect. We personally need to be filled with happiness, satisfaction and life to keep others happy. If our 'self' is not happy what can we give others? Take charge of your life and stop self neglecting yourself to be full of life and satisfaction. Love yourself to be capable to love others because whatever you do the world is going to judge you according to their perception not as what you are in reality. Start living and stop thinking.


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