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The Toxicity of Relations

Can a relation be toxic? If yes, then why does one continue to live within that relation? A toxic relation is that relation wherein on coming in touch with that person your head boils in rage, you become rude and impolite, you have no control over your feelings and words. You just start feeling negativity when you are with that person. You hate the presence of that person and feel deprived of your self respect in the presence of that person. In mutual relations within a family, there may be many individuals who survive despite of having a toxic and volatile relation with the other. This could be between a mother-daughter, father-daughter, mother-son, father-son, husband - wife, son-in-law and the in laws, daughter-in -law and the in laws and many more. It is very much taxing to the mind to be in such kind of toxicity all the while. One person is the silent sufferer and sometimes the sufferer has bouts of anguish and frustration over the other person. People who are into such toxic


Thanking someone is an art which not all of us possess. Saying 'thank you' to someone for the smallest of the things done for us makes the other person very happy. It even motivates the person to continue doing those things. We must always thank a person if he/she praises us for our achievements or compliments us on anything. When you are not able to keep your time and have made someone wait for you, always thank the person for waiting for you and having patience with you. Just saying a sorry for being late does not create any impact over the person but showing gratitude as he/she waited for you makes you memorable in the eyes of the person. During situations of offering condolences to a person be thankful to the person for remembering to convey the news of death in this tragic hour. If one of your acquaintances lost the job and tells you about it, make it a point to say 'thank you' for considering you a special person and sharing this news to you. In case you r

The Power of Prayer

                          "Pray as though no work would help, and work as though no prayer would help". When we pray as though no work would help, we focus our all attention to God, the Almighty. Praying with fervent intensity and single - mindedness God will never ignore us. It is because God knows when we sincerely pray, when we are in real pain and when doe he really need to come to our aid. So if the prayers are half-hearted then God may not pay heed to them. Only if a seeker is truly yearning for God, God hears her/him. When we work, we should work as if no prayer would help. This applies to such people who do not pray but put in their best efforts to attain their goals. Such people think that whatever they have achieved in life is due to their efforts. They neither remember God nor do they pray. They do not believe in God's power nor feel that God is the Supreme power. True spirituality lies in the combination of both these attitudes. We should play our part

Diseases and NLP

   Every disease comes as a specific message/signal for us. Our body listens to what our mind says. The auto immune system gets the message from the hypothalamus whenever a danger is going to come. The hypothalamus conveys this to the adrenal gland, and this gland immediately releases Cortisol. Cortisol shrinks the blood vessels which lead to blood pressure. It increases the sugar level into the liver and puts the body into a fight/flight mode. In short, we humans are nothing but our hypothalamus. The body believes that you may need this sugar and thus it is stored in the form of visceral fat.    Auto immune diseases – thyroid, epilepsy, hair loss, and allergies are all in our mind not in our body. All pains in the body are emotional pains. Auto immune diseases are the result of subjective experiences, e.g. diseases like thyroid, arthritis, allergies, epilecia and psoriasis. Loneliness leads to excessive eating. People with SEE (Significant Emotional Experience) have cancer.

Know Your Energy Reservoir

   We all have been listening to the miracles our wonderful and powerful mind can perform. But still how many of us have tapped into this enormous energy reservoir within us? Our mind is the one that directs our personality and helps us in taking day to day decisions - big or small.    Our mind is the force that enables us to do everything as it is the primary source of our energy in everything we do. We release less energy while doing easy tasks. But when we decide to take up something difficult the mind releases a greater amount of energy. Thus it can be said that it is only through our efforts that we can build our personality. A person who is easy going receives less energy from the mind and this results in the person being a weak person. In contrast if a person is ambitious and has big aspirations, the mind receives greater energy and makes the person a strong person. We all are born with the same potential but everyone of us in some or the other way either use or misuse this