Diseases and NLP

   Every disease comes as a specific message/signal for us. Our body listens to what our mind says.
The auto immune system gets the message from the hypothalamus whenever a danger is going to come. The hypothalamus conveys this to the adrenal gland, and this gland immediately releases Cortisol. Cortisol shrinks the blood vessels which lead to blood pressure. It increases the sugar level into the liver and puts the body into a fight/flight mode. In short, we humans are nothing but our hypothalamus. The body believes that you may need this sugar and thus it is stored in the form of visceral fat.
   Auto immune diseases – thyroid, epilepsy, hair loss, and allergies are all in our mind not in our body. All pains in the body are emotional pains. Auto immune diseases are the result of subjective experiences, e.g. diseases like thyroid, arthritis, allergies, epilecia and psoriasis. Loneliness leads to excessive eating. People with SEE (Significant Emotional Experience) have cancer. In order to cure the disease, cure the hypothalamus first.
   People with deadly diseases like cancer have lost their worthiness in life. Worthiness is lost when you have borne lot of pain in life. Cancer is not a disease but your thought. Do not use the word ‘cancer patients’ instead say ‘cancer winners’. Cancer is just a mutation of cells. So remove bad thoughts to avoid it. This will help in keeping the body alkaline and avoiding the acidity of thoughts. Avoid mood swings as it makes the body acidic. Avoid harboring a feeling of revenge. In case you are not able to take revenge, you are disturbing your mind pattern and killing yourself. Kidney failures occur due to revenge. So keep your self -image big.
   Never take reward of your miseries. People sympathize with you when you are sick. These sympathies are the reward for your miseries in the form of illnesses. Remember depression is not your disease; it’s your decision. Every disease is your decision. Diseases come to give us a qrt (quality recovery time). Every 90 minutes we go through an ultradian cycle. Ultradian is used in sleep research in reference to the 90–120 minute cycling of the sleep stages during human sleepDuring this time we get relaxed. The body gets charged through this. But every human has overridden this cycle through her thoughts.
   Psychosomatic illnesses are caused by mental and emotional stresses that manifest as physical diseases without biological causes. Psychosomatic  is involvement of mind (psyche) and body (soma). Some physical diseases are thought to be particularly prone to be made worse by mental factors such as stress and anxiety. Your current mental state can decide how bad a physical disease is at any given time. Almost all diseases are Psychosomatic – involving both mind and body.
   Psychosomatic disorder  - when mental factors cause physical symptoms but where there is no physical disease. For example, a chest pain may be caused by stress and no physical disease can be found. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can play a very vital role in helping a person to come out of such mental states with proven patterns helping a person to change his state of mind , and slowly getting  her off medicines with relevant doctors advise . The below NLP patterns sequentially provide good results in such cases. 
1       1. Time line
2       2. Erasing painful memories if any
3       3. Swish pattern
4       4. Circle of Excellence.


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