Thanking someone is an art which not all of us possess. Saying 'thank you' to someone for the smallest of the things done for us makes the other person very happy. It even motivates the person to continue doing those things.
We must always thank a person if he/she praises us for our achievements or compliments us on anything.
When you are not able to keep your time and have made someone wait for you, always thank the person for waiting for you and having patience with you. Just saying a sorry for being late does not create any impact over the person but showing gratitude as he/she waited for you makes you memorable in the eyes of the person.
During situations of offering condolences to a person be thankful to the person for remembering to convey the news of death in this tragic hour. If one of your acquaintances lost the job and tells you about it, make it a point to say 'thank you' for considering you a special person and sharing this news to you.
In case you receive negative feedback from your senior, accept it gracefully by apologizing for the mistake and trying to improve yourself. Be thankful to the person for pointing out your mistake and giving you negative feedback. You don't need to be offended as the person was doing his/her duty.
When people come to you and give you free advice, never argue with them. They are into a habit of doing this as they consider themselves experts in every field. They never have the time to peep into themselves. Just ignore them and thank them for advising you.
Never ever hesitate to thank a person. Instead master the art of thanking someone at the right time and in the right manner because gratitude when expressed gives you much more back in return.
Gratitude for every joy, for every breath, for every second  and for the memorable moments which I am blessed with. Gratitude towards every person who tolerates and loves me beyond measure despite of my deficiencies. Gratitude to my besties who have strengthened me and heard me when I wrench my heart out before them. Thank you God for everything that I am blessed with.


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