Know Your Energy Reservoir

   We all have been listening to the miracles our wonderful and powerful mind can perform. But still how many of us have tapped into this enormous energy reservoir within us? Our mind is the one that directs our personality and helps us in taking day to day decisions - big or small.
   Our mind is the force that enables us to do everything as it is the primary source of our energy in everything we do. We release less energy while doing easy tasks. But when we decide to take up something difficult the mind releases a greater amount of energy. Thus it can be said that it is only through our efforts that we can build our personality. A person who is easy going receives less energy from the mind and this results in the person being a weak person. In contrast if a person is ambitious and has big aspirations, the mind receives greater energy and makes the person a strong person. We all are born with the same potential but everyone of us in some or the other way either use or misuse this enormous energy of the brain and perish without exploring their potential. The kind of persons that set out with great aspirations/targets/goals become great achievers in the school of life and enjoy huge success.
   Every person is self-made. But one's quantum of success depends on the way you plan your life. If you plan wisely you are an achiever while unwise planning makes you lag behind in the race of life. Thus we are all masters of our destiny. It depends on how you have unfolded into your mind and how much energy the mind has released. In short, if the target set by you is ordinary, the mind opens its door of energy on a small scale. but if your target is a high one, the mind opens its door of energy on a greater scale. This difference defines your level of achievement. Aim to utilize the mind to its full potential in order to achieve anything you want in life. The mind is a powerful tool that possesses amazing potential within. The great energy of the mind can work wonders for you but only if you allow it room to express itself in the direct direction.


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