The Toxicity of Relations

Can a relation be toxic? If yes, then why does one continue to live within that relation?
A toxic relation is that relation wherein on coming in touch with that person your head boils in rage, you become rude and impolite, you have no control over your feelings and words. You just start feeling negativity when you are with that person. You hate the presence of that person and feel deprived of your self respect in the presence of that person. In mutual relations within a family, there may be many individuals who survive despite of having a toxic and volatile relation with the other. This could be between a mother-daughter, father-daughter, mother-son, father-son, husband - wife, son-in-law and the in laws, daughter-in -law and the in laws and many more. It is very much taxing to the mind to be in such kind of toxicity all the while. One person is the silent sufferer and sometimes the sufferer has bouts of anguish and frustration over the other person. People who are into such toxic relationships, admit that relation to be the greatest mistake of their life but still continue living in it due to the emotional attachment with the persons attached in that relationship. For example if the daughter - in - law has toxic relations with the in laws, she drudges on with that relation because she is very much attached to the husband. And in some cases this continues for years and the girl loses her self esteem. She becomes stone hearted towards her family and is adamant to reconcile with anything as there is no one to support her and save her from the toxicity within the relationship.
It's not that this girl never realized what kind of mess she is in, but it's just that she loved the boy and continued being there despite of all the odds. Or may be she never had the required guts to break free from the shackles of that toxic relation due to the emotional connect with her husband. A healthy relation is the one where you bloom like a flower full of positivity. You are at your best when you are around that person. You are able to give respect to yourself and even to the other person. In case you are in such a relation, stop doing harm to your psyche. A person who is surrounded 24*7 by any toxic relation is never able to do justice to other relations around because of the toxic relation despite of all the love and concern for other relations. It is impossible to remain happy and make others happy. Some persons even realize what they are into and how willingly / unwillingly they are doing harm to their other beautiful relations but they cannot help themselves and others because of the toxicity of one relationship. There is no solace or peace of mind for that person and sometimes the whole family  suffers because of such a negative situation. The person loses the capacity to love other relations and destroys the love that is in other relations too.
Take a stand and try to solve the issues or stop bothering what the world thinks or will think about you and set your self free from this toxicity for the peace of your mind and your life. In short be there where you are the priority for someone not an option. If you are lucky enough and get a chance to settle things, do settle the grievances and clear your life of the toxicity. Remember neither you nor the others around you are happy. So seek help from someone and help yourself if your family doesn't help you or support you.


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