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Emotional or Practical

   Being emotional is a basic human trait with which we are born. Some are balanced, some are over emotional and some are not at all emotional. The last category of not being emotional at all is a huge risk the person has taken for living life. Not being emotional and being practical and rational always is an invitation for a flood of miseries within. Nor can you enjoy the present moment nor can you have practical options always. What is the need for us to be so practical that we forget ourselves when we look at the person whom we love with all our heart but be practical by letting the person go? Why displaying one's emotions is wrong when deep inside it is ripping you apart? Is life a facade? Can't one be emotionally balanced and even understand the situation and take a practical approach when required. Is it always necessary to dry our emotions in the fiery storms of life and make ourselves stone hearted? Who is at harm in this? It is the person who has decided to stay pr

The Neglected Negative

All around us we hear things like 'be positive', 'be strong', be practical' and so on. There are umpteen number of people around us who read and watch stuff that relates to positive thinking /attitude. But is life only about positivity? Don't we learn the most from the negative incidences from our life? The hype which these market of motivational speakers have created is making all run into the rat race of being positive/practical. No one likes to talk on negativity. It is shunned off as if it holds no value and as if life is a bed of roses without it. But where there is darkness there is light too. Why don't we understand that if there is night it definitely leads to yet another beautiful day? If there is yin there is a yang also. These are the experiences that shape us. But still we want to discard them. Why is it not possible to remember them for the lessons which they have taught us? It is not possible for any one of us to remain positive all the whi

Being Assertive

If one is healthily assertive it is rather easy for the person to change one's life with reference to your work, relations, appearance and many other areas of life. Living an assertive life also helps you to remain healthy. There is a reduction in your stress levels and you find more energy at your disposal and there is a great positive impact on your overall immune system. As you behave assertively you start going against your old, non assertive patterns of your behavior which were deeply rooted within you. By being assertive you take control of your life and there is less of frustration and helplessness in you. Being assertive is very different from being aggressive. It has a strong association with your sense of self-worth. Once you embark on the journey to being assertive, the journey itself will give you the clarity and sensitivity required to being assertive. Follow these rules to stay away from the barriers: Have your quiet time. Risk vulnerability. Be open to your

Self Harm

Anyone who is real is not welcomed. Real in terms of voicing one's opinion - some may do it politely and others may be brutally blunt. People who portray real emotions are also doubted as to what could be the motive behind showering so much affection/warmth/care/love. There will be very rare of these gems. Very few of them who have the courage to be real. To speak what they intend to convey, to show what they feel and to do what they want to do. We come across many persons who keep on drudging in their life - literally faking what they are not. According to a survey whenever a person fakes something that he/she is not, or does not want to do, the person is doing lot of harm on his/her psyche. The psyche is affected adversely because the person is doing something which he/she feels against his/her beliefs. The person is uncomfortable in doing it but still is compelled to do it due to some or the other reasons. This way the person spends the precious years of his/her life in plea