Being Assertive

If one is healthily assertive it is rather easy for the person to change one's life with reference to your work, relations, appearance and many other areas of life. Living an assertive life also helps you to remain healthy. There is a reduction in your stress levels and you find more energy at your disposal and there is a great positive impact on your overall immune system. As you behave assertively you start going against your old, non assertive patterns of your behavior which were deeply rooted within you.
By being assertive you take control of your life and there is less of frustration and helplessness in you. Being assertive is very different from being aggressive. It has a strong association with your sense of self-worth.
Once you embark on the journey to being assertive, the journey itself will give you the clarity and sensitivity required to being assertive. Follow these rules to stay away from the barriers:
Have your quiet time.
Risk vulnerability.
Be open to your inner wisdom.
Trust your inner answers that come from your inner self.
Do not be addicted emotionally.
Develop self approval.
Shun off your negative self labels.
Focus on being - not on doing/having.
Take responsibility of your choices/decisions and create them.


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