Emotional or Practical

   Being emotional is a basic human trait with which we are born. Some are balanced, some are over emotional and some are not at all emotional. The last category of not being emotional at all is a huge risk the person has taken for living life. Not being emotional and being practical and rational always is an invitation for a flood of miseries within. Nor can you enjoy the present moment nor can you have practical options always. What is the need for us to be so practical that we forget ourselves when we look at the person whom we love with all our heart but be practical by letting the person go? Why displaying one's emotions is wrong when deep inside it is ripping you apart? Is life a facade? Can't one be emotionally balanced and even understand the situation and take a practical approach when required. Is it always necessary to dry our emotions in the fiery storms of life and make ourselves stone hearted? Who is at harm in this?
It is the person who has decided to stay practical always. We humans are born with emotions and we cannot deny this bitter truth. Being practical without paying heed to your emotions leaves you stressed with a variety of diseases. You never even know when they have silently entered into your body and made you a practical stone/ selfish at times and even a so called rational person. I believe that we become practical towards things because we have understood that we are not capable enough to get what we desire/ to get the person we love/ to fulfill our deepest dreams. The emotions which rise from our heart are executed and implemented by our heart.  It is up to us as to how smooth we can make this execution and implementation for our own betterment. Otherwise without emotions we are just machines. We are suppressing ourselves to the extent of becoming selfish and showing how powerless we are before our emotions. Rather than being powerless, we can use our emotions and be powerful even though others call us an emotional fool.
I am glad to be an emotional fool because I recognize each and every emotion flowing within me. It keeps me vibrant and alive. I feel joy in the tiny moments where I get the joy I desire. I can bask in the beauty of those moments and enjoy them whenever I wish to. But at the same time I know my emotions give me the strength to be practical where required. Here the practical approach is applied because of some hindrance in life or any reason whatsoever but at least it does not make me selfish in the eyes of others. I can be true to myself and others with my emotions. I don't need to fake and waste the moments where I need to display my emotions and enjoy them. My emotions make me strong headed. We all can be emotionally intelligent so that we can manage our emotions as well as the emotions of others even if they are negative. We must not let the emotions control us but we must control our emotions. Its far better to live with emotions than being practical and dying with unfulfilled dreams/ desires/ love or whatever one wants. Be practical but do not let go your emotions. We are nothing without emotions. It is also true that everything is subjective and based on situations but that should not deter us from expressing our emotions or suppressing them. Sometimes its a "fayda" sometimes its a "ghata"....but at least try to live those moments with your heartfelt emotions. The courage lies in being emotional as well as practical when required; not in being practical and murdering your emotions.
                                                               Dedicated to my chaddi buddy 


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