Self Harm

Anyone who is real is not welcomed. Real in terms of voicing one's opinion - some may do it politely and others may be brutally blunt. People who portray real emotions are also doubted as to what could be the motive behind showering so much affection/warmth/care/love. There will be very rare of these gems. Very few of them who have the courage to be real. To speak what they intend to convey, to show what they feel and to do what they want to do. We come across many persons who keep on drudging in their life - literally faking what they are not. According to a survey whenever a person fakes something that he/she is not, or does not want to do, the person is doing lot of harm on his/her psyche. The psyche is affected adversely because the person is doing something which he/she feels against his/her beliefs. The person is uncomfortable in doing it but still is compelled to do it due to some or the other reasons. This way the person spends the precious years of his/her life in pleasing someone or in doing it out of compulsion and harming the self. But then there comes a time when the person's frustration /irritation takes a toll and there is a blast. This blast could be dangerous at times. The person's anguish is at the peak of rebellion. He/she wants to get free from this. Some are lucky enough whereas some are not.
Try avoiding such situations in life where you are forced to be or to do something which you do not approve of. Have the courage and use the rights words to communicate this to the other. Be firm when you speak. There should be conviction ringing in your voice. It is this conviction that will show the other person that you are not prepared to go down or do that particular thing. Develop this skill to deny what you do not agree to or anything that you as a person do not approve. The reason is that only you know yourself genuinely. If you are not real and true to yourself how can you be real and true to others? It's never wrong to put your views before someone in such matters. The more you delay this process it is going to be taxing for you psychologically. Only you have to bear the harm and hurt that you are going through. Nobody comes to carry your cross. Every person has to carry his/her cross in life. Be brave enough and take a firm decision to deny things which you do not approve of wherever required. Do not harm yourself. In the long run the damage could be irreparable. Be aware of what you are feeling and take charge of the situation. Speak up and avoiding harming yourself. 


  1. Very Good Morning. Well articulated. Very close to my heart. Best wishes. Asitabha


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