The Neglected Negative

All around us we hear things like 'be positive', 'be strong', be practical' and so on. There are umpteen number of people around us who read and watch stuff that relates to positive thinking /attitude. But is life only about positivity? Don't we learn the most from the negative incidences from our life? The hype which these market of motivational speakers have created is making all run into the rat race of being positive/practical. No one likes to talk on negativity. It is shunned off as if it holds no value and as if life is a bed of roses without it. But where there is darkness there is light too. Why don't we understand that if there is night it definitely leads to yet another beautiful day? If there is yin there is a yang also. These are the experiences that shape us. But still we want to discard them. Why is it not possible to remember them for the lessons which they have taught us? It is not possible for any one of us to remain positive all the while. But still we are feeding ourselves with positive stuff which does no create an ever lasting impact.
When I come across persons who say 'I am very practical', I always wonder how much stress they must be going through to be practical. Being practical and positive all the while is not at all easy. And what is wrong if we are struck with negativity? Instead it is the negativity only that acts at our intrapersonal level and keeps us grounded. Nothing can inspire us best like the way our negative circumstances do. We need to remember that these are the incidences that have shaped us in the way we are. These are the incidences that made us aware about the kind of people we trusted even though they were not worth it. Rather than shutting ourselves to negativity we must try not to run away from it because it is negativity only that opens up new horizons for us to explore by making us aware of our potential when no one was there to support us.


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