Most of the people around us must have had an experience of someone coming and advising them. For me it is always amusing when someone grabs the opportunity to advise me. Fiery and rebellious that I am, I never like to be advised upon. I prefer to trust my gut and do accordingly. People who have this tendency of advising are never able to digest if someone advises them. But still they are adamant to change their wicked habit of being an advisor. Most of the time the advices given to others are very tough to implement on our self whenever required at any point of time. While conversing in groups I observe so many experts sitting out there to advise one particular person who is sharing his/her problems or to the whole group. I sit there listening and feeling amused by the kind of issues which they have but never ever advise themselves to act in the manner they preach others. Taking advice and following it when told by others is not everyone's cup of tea. But still the experts in the world and around us are on the go so as to whom to advise next. It is  such a hilarious moment for me that I cannot hide my laughter in such situations.
I don't know why I never felt the urge to go and advise any Tom, Dick or Harry. It's a natural trait that I observe and judge the psyche of the person. In my life there would be barely 10 persons in my inner close circle who get the benefit of my advice.  Most of the times even if I am sought for advice I restrict myself to giving suggestions by explaining the pros and cons and let the person act on own. I feel not everyone is worth it. Some just come with their own firm determination to do a particular thing but still seek advice. They make others feel stupid in the end by just declaring their firm decision. Then why the hell do they seek advice?
The ones who genuinely advise us would be really concerned for us because they care, love and value us. Then why go to others for advice? Follow the advice of those whom you genuinely value or are going to pay heed to. Its no use squandering time of both the parties when you are not going to walk as per their advice. Advise those who are going to pay heed and those whom you trust. Never open up to anyone by advising based on your experiences. Learn to weigh the pros and cons of your situations and do what your instinct tell you rather than seeking advice. You know yourself the best so act accordingly. Don't rely on anyone to be your saviour but you be your own saviour as no one knows you the way you know yourself. Stop giving unnecessary advice to others if you - yourself are never going to follow it.


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