Self Discovery

   In today's time an individual barely finds the solitude to talk to himself/herself. Man today is surrounded by people all the time and amidst this gathering man talks of the benefits of solitude and realizes the power of solitude. The biggest tragedy is that today's individual prefers to live alone when in a crowd and seeks company when alone. How can a person with a family, friends and relatives be alone? Why not? Many of us are alone despite of having people around them. In distressing times an individual feels like getting free from all the ties that bind him/her to people. He/she seeks time to talk to the self. But most of the times when we talk to ourselves we talk about relations, work, money, career etc. But we do not try to know ourself; we do not speak to ourself.
   Being in solitude means you need to speak to yourself about the way you feel, the emotions that rise in you and the issues that need to be seriously addressed. One needs to discover each and everything that happens in the body and heal those parts that are unwell by speaking to them. This may sound foolish but it really works. The more you discover the angels and demons within the better you will be in living a peaceful and desired life by understanding and discovering yourself thoroughly. Try to weigh the pros and cons of your decisions, your mistakes and everything about you. This way you will truly understand and discover a new you. But we rarely have time to talk to ourselves and introspect ourselves. Rather than meeting others we need to meet ourself and know our likes, dislikes, desires and above all an understanding of the self. This way we can keep ourselves away from many mental disorders like depression, anxiety and stress factors. The vicious circle of life goes on and on but if we do not spend time with our self and do not try to know ourself we are going to land in severe consequences. One should accept the self the way it is without any inhibition of the internal and external factors around. Treating yourself this way will save you from many mental disorders and above all will give you understanding and clarity of what you want in life.
   Man understands everything that goes around but fails to conquer that which is within. There is no knowledge of what is expected by the self leading to mental disorders. The treasure of living the life that you want is within but we always focus outside by neglecting the inside. It is essential that every individual peeps into each and every corner of the self and does a self - discovery. Analyse the positives and negatives and try to make life meaningful because its the only life you have. There is no second chance to relive the joys and make way out of the pain. We all live a life with a variety of masks that shatter our inner self in the long run. We need to break all inhibitions and try and explore our individuality and live the life of our desire by knowing our potentials and accepting our limitations. 


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