Teachers and EI

   If the education system is augmented with emotional intelligence (EI), it will dazzle robotized teaching. This will be of great benefit to the teachers. Sooner or later robotized teaching is going to be deprived by the propensity for human teaching due to the limitations of artificial intelligence. But this rosy picture can be marred if there is no timely reintroduction in the teaching done in classrooms. In this age of artificial intelligence teachers need to take a break from their general inertia and sloppiness. A dramatic transformation is required in teaching and thinking.
   The worst isolating factor for any teacher is when there is a minus of emotions from intelligence or say knowledge minus wisdom. As teachers we must first teach the students to create emotions first and then promote intelligence. It is a major challenge for any teacher to develop emotional intelligence along with intelligence. But if done, we are on the path of fulfilling the basic aim of education and will create quality individuals who are ready to rock the market with a bang. Apart from being transmitters of knowledge we need to realize that without emotional intelligence no transformation is possible. To transform the world around we require human resources with emotional intelligence. Our society views education not just as a reservoir of knowledge but also as a reservoir of EI; that helps one to differentiate between the good and the bad, the right and wrong, the proper to the improper, the relevant to the irrelevant. Knowing all these is not important but applying it in this age of information technology is the greatest challenge. Everybody grieves over the standard of teaching but no body ensures to change one's thinking and focus to give respect to the emotions of the heart.
   Let your intelligence lean on your emotions. To be ready for a successful future a teacher must understand that EI is the necessity not a choice. The future of a teacher is dependent solely on the ability to teach empathy, values and integrity in this modern era and all of this is beyond the domain of artificial intelligence (AI). A robot uses words for communicating, our heart chooses feelings BUT emotional intelligence is a union of both. The standards of EI are measured by how they can be of use to the people or by how far the purpose for which they were meant have been fulfilled. So if the education that a teacher provides in not promoting enlightenment, ethicality and emotions nor does it help the student to live a good life , be at peace with the self and with one and all, be worthy and respectful towards the society then neither the teacher nor the student are successful in fulfilling the obligation of EI. 


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