The Dilemma

"To be or not to be" is a dilemma faced by most of the individuals. But connecting it to a life of a woman it can have a plethora of meanings for every woman. Women - whether working or home makers, come across many a situations in life when they need to pick up options - in the form of individuals, opinions, choices or anything in which they are confused. Despite of being educated and independent when it comes to their immediate family it gets rather tough to take decisions. Women do not have the freedom to get real. If they get real they are many judgements, criticisms and what not which they have to face. They are even warned and threatened with ultimatums from the immediate family.
Despite of being surrounded by their clan, I have often found women remaining untouched by what is going around them. In the deepest corners of their heart they are lonely. They know they do not belong to that place where they are in but carry on with the flow of life by bearing the identity clash. I wonder when will a woman be that competent and brave enough to live a life which is real as per her beliefs? The patriarchal society despite of all the advancements till date still has its powerful and threatening grip on all women in our society. The ones who are able to set their own standards and be free from these shackles have to bear the brunt of many labels and even get ousted from their clan.
A woman is always in a dilemma of 'to be or not to be'. If she goes as per the rule book she is good, if she doesn't she has to be ready for the consequences that will befall her. Despite of this clash of thoughts, values and personality a woman is very strong to survive and adjust to her circumstances. She is indeed very hurt by many factors which crush her self esteem but still she is forgiving and ever ready to give more of herself towards all the duties which are assigned to her or those which are required of her. What is mentioned here is just a tip of the iceberg; but a woman goes through a lot in the dilemma of to be or not to be.


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