The Duel

 The duel that constantly goes on between our intelligence and our emotions is very tiring for each one of us.  We are so much hurt by our ebbs and tides of our own emotions that at times we feel crushed under its weight. The logic and intelligence of a person remain steady when the person experiences strong intense feeling towards something. We relate our thoughts to the brain and feelings to our heart. The emotions that arise from our heart are very intense. When roused with emotions - be it the emotion of anger or be it the feeling of loving someone a lot; it is all very intensely felt by the person. When offended or neglected by our dear ones we feel shattered. As a learned friend told me during a conversation that "dil to bas khoon ka pyaasa he" because the function of the heart is to pump blood and keep us alive. It is the brain that does the thinking part and rouses emotions in us. To be aware of our thoughts and our feelings we need to be watchful over our activities and with the kind of stuff with which we feed our brain. We need to critically analyse our  intelligence and our emotions.
   To put an end to the duel between your intelligence and emotions we must always keep both of them together and critically analyse every situation / incident that occurs in our life. Keeping both of them separate will lead to a chaos within the person. That is the reason most of us are always juggling between our intelligence and our emotions. We must practice viewing things /persons / situations as a whole rather than just focusing on intelligence and emotions separately. We either focus on our brain or on our heart. This leads to unwanted and undesired circumstances beyond our control at times. When we focus on them separately either we turn out to be very logical or very emotional and both are harmful to us. We need to view things as a whole and try to take decisions that will help us to save relationships and be happy in life. 


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