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Spill The Beans Friend

In the vulnerable moments of life one makes a mistake of venting out frustration, relationship issues, secrets or any thing related to personal / professional life before a friend. The person never ever realizes that a blunder has been committed in venting things out to someone. For you the conversation has ended but the other party has already started sharing your secrets and spilling out the beans before others. It could be their friend / family/ strangers / colleagues or people from your inner circle. You vented it out thinking that this person would keep it as a secret and the damage is done. You have no clue how to manage the issues that follow after this. You are in a shock as to how could this person go and blab out your secrets to somebody else. In the life of every person there is one such person - a so called stupid friend  who keeps on spilling out the beans and blurts out your secrets and makes you feel embarrassed and awkward. These moments are unfortunate and the per

Angry Birds

   Many of us have a natural tendency of  getting angry whenever we do not get what we desire. Sometimes it could be due to some person who is blocking our way or it could be due to the obstacles that God has put in our path. Most of us get frustrated in this situation and our frustrated energy gets transferred into anger. Anger against the situation / person / obstacles turn ourselves into angry birds. Anger is a by product that cannot be prevented but one can try things that will help to keep anger away. Never desire anything intensely in life; the more the desires / expectations the more the anger. That doesn't mean that one should not wish or have desires. But even if you desire / wish; do it with a high spirit. If it comes to you then good; if it doesn't then may be its is not the right time or there is something better coming your way. Do not be disappointed at that time and prepare yourself for the upcoming bundle that God has decided to put into your arms.    The


   We as humans are so helpless when anything unwanted by us happens in our lives. We try all means to undo what has been done. Sometimes it is done by us or sometimes God the Almighty does it in our life. Why can't we accept things as they are? We lack this quality of acceptance and do great harm to ourselves. Say for instance, we do not like a particular person who is with us at the workplace. What do we then? We always have conflict and a cold war like situation with that person. This gives stress to us and also to the person. The person is very good at work but just because he/she doesn't match with our thoughts or we have a different perspective related to something so we do not like the person. In such situations how right are we when we harbor resentment against the person? Is it not our fault that we are just judging a person as his/her's  perspectives or opinions do not match with ours.    Why do we expect that everyone should accept everything whatever we say

Reading Literature

Today's age is the age of 'videoacy' rather than 'literacy'. The youth today just wants instant gratification and is looking for ways to convey their feelings and express them. The youth today is impressed by our literature but does not have the patience to read it. Rare and lucky are the ones who read literature and try to understand it. Literature is a medium of expression for any human being. Through it we come to know about our own personal traits/feelings/ behavior/ attitude towards a particular person/thing/situation. The youth barely has time for themselves, how are they going to spend time for reading a book. For the youth the instant source of expression is movies. Movies are also about literature and it becomes easy for them to draw a connect with them as movies help one to understand the complexities of human nature , its behavior and many other things related to a person. A movie can convey its message in two hours but it takes time to complete a bo


Most of the people around us must have had an experience of someone coming and advising them. For me it is always amusing when someone grabs the opportunity to advise me. Fiery and rebellious that I am, I never like to be advised upon. I prefer to trust my gut and do accordingly. People who have this tendency of advising are never able to digest if someone advises them. But still they are adamant to change their wicked habit of being an advisor. Most of the time the advices given to others are very tough to implement on our self whenever required at any point of time. While conversing in groups I observe so many experts sitting out there to advise one particular person who is sharing his/her problems or to the whole group. I sit there listening and feeling amused by the kind of issues which they have but never ever advise themselves to act in the manner they preach others. Taking advice and following it when told by others is not everyone's cup of tea. But still the experts in