We as humans are so helpless when anything unwanted by us happens in our lives. We try all means to undo what has been done. Sometimes it is done by us or sometimes God the Almighty does it in our life. Why can't we accept things as they are? We lack this quality of acceptance and do great harm to ourselves. Say for instance, we do not like a particular person who is with us at the workplace. What do we then? We always have conflict and a cold war like situation with that person. This gives stress to us and also to the person. The person is very good at work but just because he/she doesn't match with our thoughts or we have a different perspective related to something so we do not like the person. In such situations how right are we when we harbor resentment against the person? Is it not our fault that we are just judging a person as his/her's  perspectives or opinions do not match with ours.
   Why do we expect that everyone should accept everything whatever we say or do? This is the reason many relations are never cordial and in harmony. We always want others to like us, accept whatever we say and behave the way we want. But that is not how life is. Life is going to grill you many times by making you accept the unwanted, undesired and most traumatic circumstances. Why can't we be grateful to God for making us that strong to bear adverse circumstances and people.
It shows how capable we are to handle such situations. We must be thankful that God thinks us worthy of being able to bear the weight of such grilling situations. We must remember that every situation that comes in our life is leading us to more improvement in our self. The more we master such tough situations; greater will be the challenges that come in our way to success. The more we mentally resist something that has happened to us we are feeding that memory with more energy. Our mind has the ability to make any situation big than it is; be it someone criticizing us or any negative situation which we do not approve of. But the moment you accept the things as they are and do not push it away; things begin to shift. The memory of that situation starts fading in your mind. Slowly and gradually you do not have the same emotions of anger and sorrow for that memory nor you are upset any longer because of it. You are no longer attached to the joy or pain of that incident; or say emotionally you get detached from it. Practice acceptance by let going and harboring no resentment against those who hurt you/ back stabbed you/ do not agree or approve of your ways/ who act as hurdles in your life/ who irritate you and many more. But do not trust them again and be aware of them as they are the ones who disturb your peace. One must learn to accept things that fall in his/her  stride be it good or bad / positive or negative / wanted or unwanted because the moment you start getting worried or distracted by such things which you cannot control you are wasting your time and energy and draining yourself mentally and physically.
   Remember that God is giving you such tough conditions and people because he knows you are strong and capable enough to battle all these issues and emerge as a winner amidst these grilling conditions. 


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