Angry Birds

   Many of us have a natural tendency of  getting angry whenever we do not get what we desire. Sometimes it could be due to some person who is blocking our way or it could be due to the obstacles that God has put in our path. Most of us get frustrated in this situation and our frustrated energy gets transferred into anger. Anger against the situation / person / obstacles turn ourselves into angry birds.
Anger is a by product that cannot be prevented but one can try things that will help to keep anger away. Never desire anything intensely in life; the more the desires / expectations the more the anger. That doesn't mean that one should not wish or have desires. But even if you desire / wish; do it with a high spirit. If it comes to you then good; if it doesn't then may be its is not the right time or there is something better coming your way. Do not be disappointed at that time and prepare yourself for the upcoming bundle that God has decided to put into your arms.
   The more we are angry at anything; the more it burns us deep within. It can lead you to take any sort of action in that state of insanity and make you repent later. Sometimes it could entangle you into a web of unwanted repercussions of the anger which you could not control. So do not take yourself seriously. Being in that state will make you realize that you are not angry at all. There is no possibility of that emotion called anger which is the greatest leakage in your life and which has the capability of emotionally draining you. When you are high spirited about your desires you have the strength to be neutral towards them whether you succeed or you fail. Keep yourself at ease in every situation. You are not here to emerge victorious and successful in every situation. Learn to inculcate the patience of waiting in life. God is definitely going to give you everything that is meant for you. Have faith in him and above all have faith in yourself. 


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