Reading Literature

Today's age is the age of 'videoacy' rather than 'literacy'. The youth today just wants instant gratification and is looking for ways to convey their feelings and express them. The youth today is impressed by our literature but does not have the patience to read it. Rare and lucky are the ones who read literature and try to understand it. Literature is a medium of expression for any human being. Through it we come to know about our own personal traits/feelings/ behavior/ attitude towards a particular person/thing/situation. The youth barely has time for themselves, how are they going to spend time for reading a book. For the youth the instant source of expression is movies. Movies are also about literature and it becomes easy for them to draw a connect with them as movies help one to understand the complexities of human nature , its behavior and many other things related to a person.
A movie can convey its message in two hours but it takes time to complete a book if you are not a bookworm type. The benefit of literature is that it is open to interpretation be it anything. Due to this it can never be eliminated from the society. People will continue to read literature for ages. Despite of being a tech savvy generation there are people who still read and keep literature alive. They are the ones who intended to do Arts but got carried away in the rat race due to pressure of family and friends. But their heart still thirsts for literature. You have to study literature as it is the mirror of the society. It helps one to understand the self and those around by being empathetic towards one and all. Literature shapes the personality of the reader by teaching values, attitude and demonstrating a path when required. It helps one to improve the communication skills and ability to understand others due to which you are hired for the  job and have a fulfilling career. Literature helps one to grow and explore the hidden potentials within. The study of humanities and social science is very important for the success of every person and that is the reason technical education has English and communication skills as a subject where literature is taught to the students.
Literature helps one widen the horizons and delve deep within the self to know what you truly are. Spending time in reading literature would prove to be boon at an individual level. A relief from the worldly pressures/ stress/ health issues and many other things will help one to enjoy life and keep smiling always. Make it a habit to read on a regular basis to experience the joy of reading. Parents need to inculcate the habit of reading in their children by reading themselves. This way we can help the future generation a lot to get a relief from the stressful factors and in understanding the human emotions which are diminishing due to advancement in technology.


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  2. yes books are the best friends....enhance your imagination power unlike the movies.


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